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Welcome to Greatlivings.com, a website that strives to be your trusted assistant in deciding what products to purchase for your home. Great Livings, it’s our desire to be helpful in finding the great items that match your ‘livings’.

As we believe the saying that home is where the heart is, we know finding the perfect product, whether it be for your kitchen, bedroom, backyard, or elsewhere in your home, is of utmost importance. Our top picks lists provide comparisons and reviews of the top products in a particular category, as well as our choice for the best overall unit – our ‘Editor’s Choice’.

Each of them is the result of dozens of hours of research by the team.

The research starts with the users’ most important expectations and concerns regarding a specific product or appliance. Then we look at the most reliable brands and pick out products with technical specifications that potentially match the requirements. The specs are compared and cross-referenced among reliable sources, including Consumer Reports and others. We also contact the manufacturers directly for more information on the products when necessary.

The final list is decided only after we have dug through hundreds if not thousands of reviews from verified purchases to make sure they’re truly what the users are looking for.

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