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6 Best Compact Toilets for Small Bathrooms for 2023 (Roundup) – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Last Updated: Best Compact Toilets ReviewsThe vast majority of toilets come in a fairly standard size with the only noticeable difference being the shape of the bowl. Rounded and elongated are the two most common types of compact toilets.

ADA laws have caused many manufacturers to manufacture elongated bowl toilets. In fact, it is actually pretty difficult to find a compact toilet these days.

Anyway, I have selected the six best compact toilets to make choosing the right one easy for you. I have also included a toilet with an elongated seat that is still the same size as a compact toilet.

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Top-rated Toilets for Small Spaces Comparison Chart 2023

Product name Shape Dimensions Style Consumption Rating
1. TOTO Drake
Editor’s Choice 2021
Elongated 27.38 x 17.31 x 30.06 Two Piece 0.8/1.6 GPF
4.5 out of 5 stars
Check price
2. KOHLER Gabrielle
Best Brand Overall
Elongated 12 x 17 One Piece 1.28 GPF
4.4 out of 5 stars
Check price
3. Saniflo Sanicompact
Best Toilet with Small Dimensions
Elongated 18.25 x 14.5 x 15.75 One Piece 1.6 GPF
4.7 out of 5 stars
Check price
4. Swiss Madison Sublime
Best Short Toilet
Elongated 24 x 13.75 x 28.5 One Piece 0.8/1.28 GPF
4.4 out of 5 stars
Check price
5. American Standard H2Option
Best Budget Toilet for Small Bathroom
Elongated 29.75 x 15 x 29.5 Two Piece 1.6 GPF
4.1 out of 5 stars
Check price
6. GALBA Small Toilet
Most Preferred for Small Spaces
Elongated 24.5 x 14 x 27 One Piece 0.8/1.28 GPF
4.5 out of 5 stars
Check price

Reviews of the Best Compact Toilets for Small Bathrooms in 2023

No matter what your budget is, or what type of small flushing toilet you’re interested in, our list of the best compact toilets will help you find the perfect match for your bathroom.

  1. TOTO DrakeBest Compact Toilet
  2. KOHLER GabrielleBest Toilet 2021 Brand Overall
  3. SANIFLO SANICOMPACTBest Small Toilet (with Small Dimensions)
  4. Swiss Madison One Piece ToiletBest Short Toilet
  5. American Standard H2OptionBest Budget Compact Toilet
  6. GALBA Small ToiletMost Preferred for Small Spaces

Here are our picks for the Best Toilets for Small Spaces.

1. NEW! TOTO Drake – Editor’s Choice for Best Space Saving Toilet 2023

TOTO has an excellent reputation in the toilet bowl industry. The ethos of this company revolves around improving the life of toilet bowl owners all over the world.

The Drake exemplifies this ethos with a dual flush system. Basically, you have two choices when it comes to flushing: 0.8 gallons per flush or 1.6 gallons per flush. This greatly lowers your water consumption if you properly use it.

There is more to like than dual flushing, though. This bowl really looks great. It’s fancy, easy-to-use, and posh. Everything you could ask for in a toilet.

Anyway, it’s a standard height, compact, elongated toilet that has chrome button flushers. In other words, it looks modern while still being extremely convenient.

All in all, I recommend this toilet if you want an elongated toilet that’s compact. And as a bonus, it looks modern.

2. KOHLER Gabrielle  – Best Toilet Brand Overall

The Gabrielle by Kohler is a toilet that actually has an elongated bowl that meets ADA regulations. I really don’t understand the engineers at Kohler did it, but they did it. An ADA toilet bowl that is as small as a circular toilet bowl.

Ok, I admit. Kohler accomplished this by using a tank face that wraps around the seat. This means the seat can go way further back than a normal toilet can go back.

The Gabrielle also meets the certification requirements of the EPA Water Sense. That’s a fancy way of saying this toilet uses less than 1.3 gallons per flush. Kohler even has a piston system that increases the pressure, so it’s much stronger than a 1.3 gallon per flush toilet.

Also, you can get a rebate from your water company because of this certification. You just need to send the receipt to your water company.

Note: This does not apply to all water utility companies.

3. SANIFLO SANICOMPACT – Best Small Toilet (with Small Dimensions)

The Sanicompact has the smallest size of any toilet on this list at only 21 inches from the wall. You can actually put this in places that a normal toilet doesn’t fit. Why?

The Sanicompact chops up all the waste, which makes it extremely compact. I know, it’s weird, but it’s pretty useful since you can place this pretty far away from the main drainage pipe. In other words, you can use this toilet in a small bathroom in the middle of your home.

I also like the two button flush: 1 or 1.27 gallons per flush. That saves a little water and makes it EPA Water Sense compliant.

All things considered, I really like this toilet for a small restroom in a weird location. It also works great if you have a main pipe that has a tendency to get clogged.

4. Swiss Madison One Piece Toilet – Best Short Toilet

The SM-1T257 Sublime by Swiss Madison is another elongated bowl that has a fairly compact footprint. It’s lower than the newer ADA chair height toilets, so you can’t use it in a public restroom.

The engineers at Swiss Madison actually reduced the dimensions by using an oval-shaped tank. I will say that this tank is a little wider, but the seat can reach way back under the tank. And yes, the base of the tank has an entire skirt.

My favorite part of this is that it uses less than 1.29 gallons of water per flush, which means that it is has a Water Sense endorsement from the EPA. That means you can get a rebate in certain jurisdictions.

Overall, I recommend this toilet if you need a compact toilet in a kids’ bathroom.

5. American Standard H2Option – Best Compact Toilet on a Budget

My favorite part of this American Standard toilet is the two flush feature. It can flush either 1.0 gallons or 1.6 gallons, which does make EPA Water Sense certified. This means you can get a rebate from your water company.

If you’re wondering about the name, that comes from the high-pressure hose that gives a little extra pressure during each flush. This helps get off any gunk stuck to the bowl.

Unfortunately, this bowl is not ADA compliant, so you can’t place it in a public restroom. However, the seat is as low as an ADA compliant toilet, which makes it great if you have shorter people living in your home.

6. GALBA Small Toilet – Most Preferred for Small Spaces

Galba bills themselves as the smallest adult toilet in the western world. From what I can tell, this is a fairly accurate claim. Good job, Galba. Your toilet does not project very far.

The toilet doesn’t look bad, either. It’s made from porcelain, just like almost every toilet in the United States.

I’ll also add this toilet uses a normal-sized 12-inch rough-in during the installation process, which is extremely convenient.

This toilet has a double flush (1.6 and 1 gallon) that meets the EPA Water Sense certification. However, Galba never did the certification, so this toilet isn’t eligible for the rebate from the water company.

All in all, this is an excellent toilet. The only complaint that people have is that the seat that comes with the toilet isn’t particularly. This is a simple fix: simply purchase a stronger seat.

Best Compact Toilet for Small Bathroom Purchasing Guide of 2023

All the toilets that I focused on in my reviews were normal flushing toilets. These work great, but there are more options than that.

For instance, a toilet that hangs from the wall would work perfectly fine as a compact toilet. However, it’s not really practical because you will need to adjust your wall. And adjusting your wall takes up a lot of space, time, and money.

Another option for the brave of heart is a composting toilet. I know, it sounds gross. But there are indoor models available that are 100% sealed so they don’t smell terrible.

You could even do a tankless toilet if you have a problem finding a compact toilet. Just think of the toilets that you normally find in public restrooms.

ADA Compliance

Only a few of the toilets that I reviewed were ADA compliant. That’s because ADA compliance only matters if you have a toilet that is accessible to the public.

Your private toilet doesn’t need to be ADA compliant. This is just something to consider before making a purchase.

EPA Water Sense

I mentioned the EPA Water Sense certificate on a few reviews, but I didn’t cover it in depth. Basically, a toilet has to use less than 1.28 GPF while still removing a suitable amount of mass from the toilet.

If the toilet meets these requirements, then you might be eligible for a rebate. It just depends on your specific water company. Some jurisdictions actually require a Water Sense toilet, which is annoying, but it will save you money in the long run.

Ways To Save Space In A Tight Bathroom

Did you move into a new house with a tiny bathroom? Don’t worry. I have some tips that will help you maximize all the space available for you to use in your shoebox of a bathroom.


The first thought that comes to mind when people want to increase their bathroom size is to add a bunch of cabinets.

Unfortunately, adding a cabinet to a small room just makes it feel even smaller. And it really doesn’t increase the available space all that much. With that in mind, avoid using a cabinet in a tight space.

You will be much better off with some form of open shelving. The size of the shelf should be about big enough to hold all the towels that you own and other bathroom odds and ends. You know the size, it’s about 3 or 4 inches wide.

The added benefit of open shelving is that it actually looks really good since you can see everything. Cabinets are nice and all, but they usually look pretty ugly compared to open shelving.

Just think, you can place all your beautiful towels, soaps, and shampoos on the open shelf in a really beautiful way. It’s just something that you can’t do with a cabinet.

You can take things to the next level, if you have the desire to do so. I’m talking something like an old wood crate or large wood ladder. If you use repurposed wood, make sure to use treated wood. Untreated wood will look disgusting with all the humidity that you have in a bathroom.

As for a replacement for your restroom supplies, a skirt that goes under your sink would work great for storing cleaners, a plunger, and other nasty toilet stuff.


You want maximum functionality in your bathroom. The size doesn’t matter – you still need it to be functional.

Unfortunately, small rooms have a tendency to look cluttered because they have junk all over the place. The best way to solve this problem is to constantly clean it. Yes, that means you can’t leave things there if you want it to look uncluttered.

You can take this a step further by using a faucet that pulls out. Some pullout faucets actually have a showerhead, which is great for washing your hair. The shower-faucet works especially well if you have a wet bathroom. All you need to do is install some curtains.

I know, this might sound weird if you’re American, but these type of showers are actually very common in Asia and parts of Europe.

If you’re a bathtub person, then you should probably find a bigger bathroom. Seriously. Ok, you still want a bathtub in your tiny toilette. You can remove towel racks and maybe squeeze a few extra inches, but you should probably give up on your hopes and dreams of having a bathtub in your bathroom.

That said, removing the rack that holds towels is actually a pretty good idea as it allows you to have some extra shelves. This is especially nice if you have a lot of clutter in your toilette. Just try to remove some clutter rather than dumping it all on your shelves.

Round Corners

A great tip that I’ve learned to save space is purchasing fixtures that have smooth corners. It’s great in a small restroom for two reasons:

First, you don’t have to worry about ramming your body into a sharp corner. You’ll thank me after the first time that happens to you. Trust me.

More importantly, smooth corners give your bathroom a much smaller appearance. It’s something to do with the way our eyes process shapes.

Sliding Doors

Finally, you should always use a sliding door in a compact toilette. A standard door actually takes up a surprising amount of space, and it’s not actually necessary to use in a bathroom. You do probably want a door, though.

Of course, a sliding door will eat up space outside your bathroom. If your bathroom doesn’t have a large adjacent wall, then you can’t really use a sliding door there. It’s just not physically possible.

Despite that, I still recommend trying to make a sliding door fit in your toilette because they really are that useful.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed reading my reviews. I know they were brief, but they provided all the pertinent information to make a decision about your toilet. Believe it or not, the toilet you purchase is actually one of the most important decisions you make in your life.

Think about how much time you spend on it. Yeah, a lot of time.

Anyway, don’t forget to read the buying guide. There is a lot of good information included in the buying guide that will help you make a decision that is perfect for you. 

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