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Best Farmhouse Sinks for 2023 (Top 6) – Buying Guide and Product Reviews

Last Updated: Best Farmhouse Sink 2023 ReviewsHave you decided to place a farmhouse sink in your home? Or are you just considering adding one to your home?

All we can say is that a farmhouse sink gives your kitchen a class, rustic vibe. They’re more than just appearance, though. A farmhouse sink is also useful because of the deep basin, faster cleaning, durability, and overall usefulness. And of course, the farmhouse is the best looking style of sink currently on the market.

However, it’s easy to get analysis paralysis due to all the choices you have when picking the right farmhouse sink – you have color, design, material, and even different styles to choose from in a farmhouse sink.

That’s a lot of options to worry about.

And that’s why we’re here to help you find the perfect farmhouse sink.

Our list will cover the six best farmhouse sinks of 2022. We have taken all the factors you look for in a farmhouse sink into account.

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Top Farmhouse Sinks Quick Comparison Chart

So, what is the best farmhouse kitchen sink? Compare core features below.

Model Dimensions (In.) Installation Material Warranty Rating
Kraus KFR1-33GWH Turino 33” x 18.25” x 10” Front Apron Fireclay Lifetime
4.9 out of 5 stars
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Swiss Madison SM-KS243 30” x 18” x 10” Front Apron Ceramic 1 year limited
4.5 out of 5 stars
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Ruvati RVL2100WH 30” x 20” x 10” Front Apron Fireclay Limited Lifetime
4.7 out of 5 stars
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Ruvati RVH9733BL 33” x 22” x 9” Front Apron T-304 Stainless Steel Limited Lifetime
4.6 out of 5 stars
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BOCCHI Classico 30” x 18” x 10” Front Apron Fireclay Limited Lifetime
4.9 out of 5 stars
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ZUHNE Ostia 30” x 18” x 10” Front Apron Fireclay Limited Lifetime
4.6 out of 5 stars
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Reviews of The 6 Best Farmhouse Sinks in 2023

  1. Kraus KFR1-33GWH Turino – Best Overall Farmhouse Sink 2021
  2. Swiss Madison SM-KS243 – Best on Budget Farmhouse Sink
  3. Ruvati RVL2100WH Fireclay Reversible – Best Fireclay Farmhouse Sink
  4. Ruvati RVH9733BL – Best Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink
  5. BOCCHI Classico – Best Value Sink
  6. ZUHNE Ostia White Farmhouse – White Reversible Farmhouse Sink

Here are our top picks for the best farmhouse sink in 2021:

1. Kraus KFR1-33GWH Turino – Best Overall Farmhouse Sink 2021


  • Fireclay ceramic looks great.
  • High-gloss finish.
  • Heat resistant to 300F.
  • Reversible design.

Do you want your kitchen to look good again?

This Fireclay farmhouse sink will do that with its excellent design. That’s not the only part we like about this sink, though.

First, the Fireclay material – an extremely durable ceramic – makes this sink one of the most durable farmhouse sinks on our list. It won’t scratch, stain, warp, or turn yellow. On top of that, it’s heat resistant upto 300F.

Next, the sink includes a removable stainless steel grate to protect the surface of the sink. It’s obviously not necessary because of the Fireclay material, but it’s nice to have some extra protection against any damage to your sink.

Another nice feature is the reversible design is nice because it allows you to have two different options for the front apron. You can have either a rounded apron or a more modern front apron.
The choice is yours with this farmhouse sink.

We also like the drainage of this sink. You know how some sinks have trouble draining and the water can get stinky if it sits for too long?

That’s not a problem with the Kraus. The sink is sloped at the perfect angle that prevents water from building up while still ensuring that no glasses tip over.

Final Verdict

All things considered, we highly recommend this sink if you have the budget for it. Sure, it’s a little expensive, but the Fireclay ceramic will last forever without sustaining so much as a scratch.

Plus, this sink looks amazing. You even get the choice between a rounded apron and flat apron, so you have multiple options when it comes to appearances.

Basically, you can’t go wrong with this farmhouse sink.

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Kraus KFR1-33GWH Turino Farmhouse Sink review


  • Made in Italy
  • Stain and scratch resistant
  • It does not yellow over time
  • Extremely quiet sink
  • Reversible front for two appearances


  • Installation is a little difficult because of the drop-in fasteners
  • A little pricey, but the features, design, and durability make up for the price

2. Swiss Madison SM-KS243 – Best on Budget Farmhouse Sink


  • 1-year limited warranty.
  • 100% non-porous surface.
  • Scratch and stain resistant.
  • Extremely large basin for large pots and pans.
  • Ceramic sink.
  • Reversible apron – fluted apron or flat apron are available.
  • Easy installation.
  • Single basin.

Our pick for the best farmhouse sink goes to the Swiss Madison SM-KS243. As you would expect with a top farmhouse sink, it’s white with a single basin – the prototypical farmhouse sink.

We personally like the fluted apron. However, the front apron is reversible, which means you can have a fluted apron or a flat apron.

This apron design will give your kitchen a great modern or traditional look depending on which apron you choose.

It has plenty of other features that we like, too.

First, it’s easy to install because of the screw-in fasteners. This might not sound like a huge benefit, but a lot of farmhouse sinks can be difficult to install. Especially because farmhouse sinks have a tendency to weigh a lot.

For reference, this sink weighs almost 90 pounds, so you’ll probably need two people to install it.

Next, the sink is durable, which is something we expect from a ceramic farmhouse sink. It’s scratch and stain resistant, so you don’t have to worry when cleaning metal pots or pans.

Another interesting feature is how deep this sink is – 10 inches to be exact. That’s deep enough to load up the tallest pots into the sink. You can even fill them with water without having to worry about bumping the faucet.

It gets better. Swiss Madison also has sound proofing on the sink. That means you don’t have to listen to the annoying sound of water splashing on the ceramic while you do your dishes.

We especially like sound proofed sinks.

Finally, the drainage on this sink is great. You don’t have to worry about water pooling or anything like that.

That’s not something you see on every farmhouse sink.

Final Verdict

All in all, we like this sink for the price. It has a reversible apron, which means it will match most kitchens. It’s obviously not nearly as durable as the Kraus due to not having nearly as much heat resistance, but for half the price we can’t complain too much about the durability.

We recommend this farmhouse sink if you’re looking for a farmhouse sink that doesn’t cost too much while still offering many of the same features of a sink that costs twice the price.

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Swiss Madison SM-KS243 Budget Farmhouse Sink review


  • Very affordable price for a farmhouse sink
  • The reversible apron means it can be a modern or traditional sink
  • It’s extremely durable due to the ceramic construction
  • It won’t stain, warp, or rust
  • Only soap and water are required to clean the sink


  • It’s heavy, which isn’t really a negative. However, it can make installation difficult

3. Ruvati RVL2100WH – Best Fireclay Farmhouse Sink


  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • Made of fireclay.
  • High-gloss finish that isn’t porous.
  • The drain opening is 3.5”.

Do you want to add some European-style design to your kitchen?
The Ruvati RVL2100WH is the choice for you if that’s the case.

It has a flat front apron, which will make it the centerpiece of any kitchen that you decide to place it in.

The Ruvati has more than just a European appearance going for it, though. This sink is durable.

Remember, it’s a fireclay sink, which means it can withstand high temperatures. In this case, the sink can withstand temperatures of about 250F.

Additionally, a fireclay sink is crack, stain, and scratch resistant. You will struggle to damage this sink if you try. We find that the best feature of fireclay sinks.

Of course, they’re also smoother to the touch than a steel sink. It might not sound like much, but a sink that feels nice is much better to use.

Finally, Ruvati offers this sink in two different sizes – 30” and 33”. It’s also available in two separate colors: biscuit (a yellowish white) and a glossy white. These color options give you a little more flexibility when matching the sink to your kitchen.

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Ruvati RVL2100WH Fireclay Farmhouse Sink review


  • Very durable. It won’t crack, chip, or get scratched
  • An overall high-quality product
  • Deep and wide-enough to fit your large dishes
  • Heat resistant
  • Easy to clean


  • Fireclay sinks are heavy and expensive

4. Ruvati RVH9733BL – Best Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink


  • 16 gauge T-304 Stainless Steel.
  • Fingerprint resistant.
  • Matching color basket strainer included.
  • Standard 3.5” drain opening.
  • 33” front apron.
  • Sound proof.

Are you searching for a stainless steel farmhouse sink?

The Ruvati is the choice for you. This sink has many of the same features of a fireclay sink, but it’s stainless steel and available in a matte black color.

First, we like that it still has that farmhouse sink appearance despite being made of stainless steel. The design is the same as a fireclay sink – the only difference is that the 16 gauge T-304 stainless steel gives it a more modern look.

The most common complaint with stainless steel sinks is that they get fingerprints on them and dent.

Fortunately, neither of those are a problem for this sink. The coating is fingerprint resistant and the steel is strong enough that it’s hard to dent.

It will still dent if you hit it with a hammer, but it’s strong enough that you shouldn’t have too many dings or dents from normal use.

As for rust or tarnish, that isn’t a problem with this sink. The finish and T-304 stainless steel prevent both those problems.

We also like that this sink comes with a basket strainer that matches the matte black finish of the sink.

That’s a nice touch from Ruvati.

Do you think a stainless steel sink will be loud?

We admit that some stainless steel sinks can be quite loud. However, the Ruvati is almost as quiet as the fireclay farmhouse sinks because of all the soundproofing on it.

A pretty convenient feature if you do lots of dishes while others are sleeping. Or if you just don’t like the sound of water hitting stainless steel.

Final Verdict

This is another excellent sink by Ruvati. We recommend this sink if you want a darker colored sink or prefer a stainless steel sink over a fireclay sink.

Personally, we prefer a fireclay sink because of the durability, but the white color of fireclay sinks often doesn’t work well in many kitchens.

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Ruvati RVH9733BL Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink review


  • T-304 stainless steel won’t rust, stain, tarnish, or rust
  • It’s an easy sink to clean
  • Water drains from it
  • Sound proof
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • The bowl is a little shallow at 9”
  • It’s expensive

5. BOCCHI Classico – Best Value Sink in 2023


  • Made of fireclay.
  • Non-porous surface means it’s stain resistant.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.

Are you searching for a fireclay, farmhouse sink that won’t break the bank?

Then BOCCHI Classico is the sink for you.

First, we like that BOCCI cares about the environment and made this sink from materials that are recyclable and organic.

And since it’s fireclay, it can withstand heat and plenty of abuse. The temperature resistance is about 250F, so you don’t need to worry about dropping a hot pot or pan in this sink.

Also, it has a non-porous surface, which really does make cleaning it much easier. The BOCCHI Classico will also look clean for years.

To top things off, this sink comes with a removable strainer to protect the basin. You obviously don’t need much protection because of the fireclay materials, but it’s still nice to have the extra protection.

Final Verdict

This is one of the best fireclay farmhouse sinks available at this price. As we mentioned earlier, this sink has all the benefits of a fireclay sink at about half the price of some of the competitors.

The only difference is that this sink does not have a reversible apron.

However, we can’t complain too much for the price.

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BOCCHI Classico review


  • Affordable price
  • Non-porous surface means it will shine for years
  • Will not turn yellow, scratch, or stain
  • Cleaning it is easy


  • Not reversible

6. ZUHNE Ostia White Farmhouse – White Reversible Farmhouse Sink


  • Reversible front apron.
  • Deep 10” basin.
  • 3.5” drain means you can use any garbage disposal with this sink.
  • It’s manufactured in Italy.

Are you searching for a reversible farmhouse sink that is a little more affordable than other options?

The ZUHNE Ostia might be the choice for you in that case.

First, it’s reversible with either a ridged apron or flat apron, which gives you some flexibility when matching it to your kitchen. Personally, we’re fans of the more traditional ridged design.

Now, it’s fireclay, and you probably know what that means: it’s scratch, stain, chip, and heat resistant. Condensation doesn’t even form on the sink because it has a non-porous surface.

The lack of condensation droplets will also save your cabinets.

Last but not least, the sink has a strainer to protect the bottom of the sink. Again, it’s not entirely necessary because fireclay is so durable, but it’s a nice feature to see on a sink.

Final Verdict

The ZUHNE is the most affordable reversible fireclay sink on the market. We recommend this sink if you’re looking for a relatively affordable fireclay sink that is still reversible.

Sure, it doesn’t have many of the extra features that you find on the more expensive sinks, but it’s fine if you don’t use your sink all that often.

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ZUHNE Ostia White Farmhouse Reversible Sink review


  • Scratch, stain, temperature, and chip resistant
  • Easy installation
  • Reversible front apron
  • Looks great
  • Deep basin


  • It’s heavy, so it will likely require a professional installation
  • It doesn’t always fully drain

What are farmhouse sinks made of?

Farmhouse sinks typically come in fireclay. Other options do exist, though. Some of those options include stainless steel, copper, granite, and even marble or porcelain.

However, not all these materials make for a great farmhouse. Here are the materials that the best farmhouse sinks are made of:


In our opinion, fireclay is the best material for a farmhouse sink. It’s durable and resistant to a lot of different types of abuse.

It does tend to weigh significantly more than metal sinks. And it’s also more expensive than stainless steel.

All things considered, a fireclay farmhouse sink is still the best option for a farmhouse sink because of the durability.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is the most common material for a farmhouse sink.

It’s affordable, looks good, and won’t chip, rust, or scratch.

The negative with stainless steel sinks is that they have much less options when it comes to finishes and colors, which isn’t a problem if you can find a finish and color that matches your kitchen.


Copper farmhouse sinks offer more durability and look better than stainless steel farmhouse sinks. The only negative with copper sinks is that they will change color over time and it’s fairly easy to accidentally a copper sink.

We recommend a copper sink for decoration more than utility.

Cast iron

Cast iron farmhouse sinks aren’t particularly common – they’re heavy and prone to scratches and chips if not properly maintained.

That said, if you have the ability to keep up with maintenance, then a cast iron sink might work for you. We still recommend a stainless steel sink with a darker finish rather than a cast iron sink.

Maintaining a Farmhouse Sink

Cleaning a farmhouse sink really depends on what type of material it is made of. If it’s fireclay or stainless steel, then cleaning it with a sponge and soap will work perfectly fine.

As for preventing any damage, a sink grid should prevent most damage to the bottom of your sink. If you have a fireclay sink, then you don’t have to worry about damage nearly as much.

Also, avoid putting hot dishes in a stainless steel sink – it can warp the sink.

Installing a Farmhouse Sink

This section will offer some general advice about installing a farmhouse sink in your home.

  • You should first consider where you will place the sink and faucet before installing and even purchasing the sink.
  • Next, you want to take into account the plumbing situation in your kitchen. Where are the drain pipes and water connections?
  • If the counter requires cutting, then you should hire a contractor to avoid damaging your counter. The contractor will cut the counter according to an outline that comes with the sink – it has to be a nearly perfect cutout or the sink will not stay in the countertop.
  • You should also make sure that the sink will fit your cabinet.

The installation process itself is fairly simple. You simply drop the sink into the cutout and attach it with fasteners. This will probably require multiple people if you are installing a fireclay sink, though.

Farmhouse Sinks buying Guide and FAQ

What’s a farmhouse sink?

A farmhouse sink is a sink that has no counter or cabinets between the apron and the user. This means you can more easily reach into the sink.

This compares to a top-mount or under-mount sink that often has some counter or cabinet between the apron and the user of the sink.

What is the difference between a farmhouse sink and a front apron sink?

A front apron sink will only have a finish on the front of the sink. The other sides are unfinished because they are hidden behind the counter or cabinets.

A farmhouse sink will have a finish on all sides, which allows it to stand on its own.

Should I get a single bowl or double bowl kitchen sink?

A single bowl sink usually requires less space and can accommodate larger dishes. However, it can be a little more difficult to do dishes with only one bowl.

A double bowl sink usually necessitates more space, but it will make doing dishes easier with two separate bowls. You can’t place large dishes in a double bowl sink, though.

We recommend a single bowl sink if you have a small sink.

What is the most durable and affordable farmhouse sink material?

Fireclay or granite is the most durable types of farmhouse sinks. We prefer fireclay because they require more maintenance than granite.

In terms of affordability, a stainless steel farmhouse sink is the most affordable. They’re also fairly durable, but not nearly as durable as fireclay or granite.

Final Thoughts

That covers it for the best farmhouse sinks of 2021. We have hopefully provided you with some good options for your next purchase.

All the choices we listed are the best for different uses. As mentioned before, we highly recommend purchasing a fireclay farmhouse sink because of the durability. The durability makes up for the slightly higher price.

Anyway, a farmhouse sink will give your kitchen some extra character and can really be the centerpiece for your kitchen. It’s a decision that almost everyone that makes is happy they made.

The extra functionality of a farmhouse sink is also nice.

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