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Best Shower Doors of 2023 (Top 10) – Reviews & Buying Guide

Last Updated: Best Shower Doors 2023 ReviewsAre you searching for new shower doors?

Perhaps you are renovating or simply upgrading your bathroom. No matter the reason, it’s important to find shower doors that work in your home.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of shower doors on the market, and choosing the right one is difficult. Frameless, semi-frameless, framed, glass, and so on – it’s confusing and aggravating to pick out a shower door on your own.

That is why we have compiled a list of the top 10 best shower doors of 2020. We have also included a comprehensive shower door buying guide that will help you find the perfect shower door for your bathroom.

Choosing the Right Shower Door: Buying Guide

This buying guide will cover everything you need to know about the different types of shower doors. We know, there can’t be that much information about shower doors, right?

Wrong. This guide is comprehensive, but there is so much to know about shower doors.

Anyway, this guide will offer enough information that you will be able to make an informed decision about your shower door purchase.

Types of Shower Doors

This section will cover the different styles of shower door frames. There are eight different styles, but most homeowners stick to a fairly standard framed shower door. As mentioned previously, there are a lot of different types of shower doors – a type of door for every style of bathroom.

Framed Shower Doors

Framed shower doors are the most common type of shower door. These doors are typically affordable because they have a normal metal frame with thin glass.

However, not all frame shower doors are cheap-looking. There are framed shower doors that look modern and chic, but you will pay much more money for that style of the framed shower door.

Overall, a framed shower door is what we recommend if you want a “standard” shower door that does not cost much money. You do have options if you want a fancy one, though.

Semi-Frameless Shower Doors

A semi-frameless shower door has all the extra stability of a framed shower door with the clean appearance of a frameless shower door.

A semi-frameless shower door will typically have an outer frame without a frame for the door itself. Hence the name “semi-frameless.”

We recommend a semi-frameless shower door if you want a nicer appearance than a framed shower door without shelling out the money for a frameless shower door.


As the name implies, a frameless shower door will not have a frame. Instead, the door will be made of thick, heavy tempered glass that does not require a frame.

However, there will still be some metal components on a frameless shower frame such as hinges and handles. A frameless shower door is the closest you will get to have a shower door without any metal, though.

The lack of frame gives a very modern appearance to a bathroom, which is why frameless shower doors are growing in popularity. They look especially nice in infancy, modern bathrooms with an open shower design.

One thing to keep in mind is that a frameless shower door will cost about double the price of a standard framed shower door. The thick tempered glass used to make these doors is expensive!

Glass Tub Enclosures

Do you have a bathtub and want something a little better looking than a curtain?

A glass tub enclosure is a solution. It’s basically a shower door for your bathtub. The door is typically a sliding door with a frame that attaches to the top of your bathtub.

Glass tub enclosures don’t fit on every bathtub, but if you can find one that fits on your bathtub, then it’s a great option.

Sliding Doors

Sliding shower doors are the usual choice for those that have a bathroom with a toilet close to the shower. The reason is simple – there is no swinging door, which saves a lot of space.

Now, sliding doors are similar to framed shower doors. There are budget-friendly options that look ok and they are modern, chic options that look like something from a magazine.

The purpose of a sliding shower door is the same for all types – have a shower door in a bathroom that is too small for a swinging shower door.

Pivoting Door

A pivoting door is typically a standard framed shower door with a hinge that pivots. These shower doors have a sophisticated look that exudes power and price. In our opinion, they look best in white marble bathrooms or even bathrooms in older homes.

The one downside of a pivoting shower door is that it will only fit in a large bathroom – the door swings much further than a standard door.

Due to that, we recommend hiring a professional to measure your bathroom to ensure that a pivoting shower door will actually fit in your bathroom.

Bi-Fold Shower Doors

A bi-fold shower door is another great choice if you have a toilet that is close to your shower. These doors will fold inwards, which will offer a larger opening than a sliding door.

The one downside of a bi-fold shower door is that it does require a large shower because the door needs room to “accordion” when you open it.

That said, a bi-fold shower door is a great choice if you want something a little different than a sliding shower door in your smaller bathroom. The downside is that bi-fold shower doors tend to have a more utilitarian look to them.

Partial Tub Enclosure

A partial tub enclosure is a great modern choice if you do not intend to showering in your bathtub. These enclosures will typically begin near the faucet and extend about halfway down the tub, which offers some protection from water splashing out of the tub.

Also, a partial tub enclosure usually looks better than a full tub enclosure. However, it does not offer any protection from water splashing out if you take a shower in your bathtub.

Shower Door Finishes

There are two different types of finishes you can have on a shower door – clear glass or textured/opaque glass.

This section will cover the pros and cons of both types of finishes.

Clear Glass Finishes

As the name implies, a clear glass finish is simply glass without any finish. The glass is clear, which offers no privacy. However, a clear glass door will make your bathroom look larger.

Clear glass finishes are certainly the more popular option, but textured/opaque glass finishes do have their place in some bathrooms. A clear glass shower door will also require daily cleaning to prevent it from getting dirty.

Textured Glass Finishes

A textured/opaque glass finish gives those in the shower a bit more privacy. These doors also require much less cleaning to maintain their look.

The downside is that a textured glass shower door will make your bathroom look smaller because it eliminates the view of the shower. But it is a good option if you have a shower that does not look good.

Overall, a textured glass shower door is the choice we recommend for someone that does not want to do much cleaning on their shower door.

Shower Door Materials

The only shower doors worth purchasing are made of one material – glass.

Sometimes the glass is tempered glass and sometimes it’s standard glass, but it’s always glass. Sure, there are some plastic options that look great when you purchase them, but a plastic shower door will look bad within a few years. They also have a tendency to accumulate mold faster than glass shower doors.

Hardware and Finish

The hardware and finish on the hardware of your shower door are important, yet often overlooked feature of a shower door.

This section will cover some of the different options you will see on hardware and hardware finishes on a shower door.

Aluminium or Stainless Steel

The hardware on your shower door will almost always be aluminum or stainless steel. Both these metals will not rust, tarnish, and can withstand water without any damage.

We strongly recommend purchasing a shower door with aluminum or stainless steel hardware. Aluminum is slightly for installation because it’s lighter, but stainless steel is much sturdier and less likely to bend than aluminum.


There are some shower doors that include brass hardware, which is a welcome addition. However, brass has a tendency to tarnish over time, and that is something we generally want to avoid.

The better solution to brass hardware is to simply purchase aluminum or stainless steel hardware with a brass or copper finish. It brings all the benefits of those two materials with none of the downsides.

Any Type of Finish

The types of finishes available for shower door hardware are too numerous to list. It’s also impractical because the best type of finish comes down to personal preference and the overall aesthetic of your bathroom.

We do recommend purchasing hardware that has some finish on it, though. It almost always looks better and it makes the underlying metal last a little longer. Granted, the finish will begin to wear away after enough time, but it’s easy enough to refinish metal hardware.

Shower Door Features

Shower doors do come with some features. These features mostly relate to the glass itself or the installation of the door.

Keep in mind that these finishes will cost more money and are typically only available on higher-end shower doors.

Reversible Installation

Reversible installation is a very convenient feature because it allows you to install the shower door in any position. This is especially useful for shower doors that swing-out.

Unfortunately, it’s typically only an option on frameless doors because the lack of frame makes it simple enough to not require a particular side.

Thankfully, many manufacturers offer shower doors available on two different sides to accommodate all bathrooms.

Glass Coating

Glass coating is perhaps the most important feature you will find on a shower door. Some manufacturers coat the glass with a thin coating that prevents soap scum from sticking to the glass.

We can’t understate the convenience of this feature. A shower door with a glass coating makes cleaning the door so much easier. In fact, some glass coatings are so great that you will not have to clean the door all that frequently.

You can expect to pay a couple of hundred dollars extra for a shower door with a glass coating, though.

Top-rated Shower Doors Quick Rating Chart

So, what is the best shower door?

Product name Dimensions Warranty Material Rating
1. WOODBRIDGE MBSDC4876 Sliding Shower Doors 44 - 48 width (adjustable) x 76 high Lifetime warranty on glass Tempered Glass
4.9 out of 5 stars
Check price
2. Aston Cascadia Frameless Hinged Shower Door 22 in x 72 5 Year Warranty Tempered Safety Glass
4.8 out of 5 stars
Check price
3. DreamLine Encore Semi-Frameless Bypass Shower Door 56-60 width x 76 high Limited lifetime Tempered Glass, Aluminum
5 out of 5 stars
Check price
4. DreamLine French Corner Framed Sliding Shower Enclosure 34 D x 34 W x 72 H Limited 1 year Tempered Glass, Aluminum
4.7 out of 5 stars
Check price
5. DreamLine Aqua Uno Frameless Tub Door 34 W x 58 H Limited lifetime Tempered Glass, Brass
4.8 out of 5 stars
Check price
6. ELEGANT Opening Double Sliding Shower Doors 36 D. x 36 W. x 72 H. Limited 2 years warranty Tempered Glass
4.7 out of 5 stars
Check price
7. DreamLine Aqua Bi-Fold Shower Doors 33 1/2 W. x 72 H. Limited lifetime Premium Glass
5 out of 5 stars
Check price
8. VIGO Premium Frameless Sliding Rectangle Shower Doors 56 W. x 74 H. Limited lifetime Tempered Glass and Stainless Steel
4.7 out of 5 stars
Check price
9. Basco A0516-60CLSV Deluxe Framed tub door 38 W. x 58 H. Limited 2 years warranty Clear Glass
4.8 out of 5 stars
Check price
10. KOHLER K-706009-L-MX Levity Bypass Shower Door 59 W. x 74 H. Limited 1 year Crystal Clear tempered glass
4.9 out of 5 stars
Check price

Best Shower Door Reviews in 2023

This section will review some of the best shower doors. We will cover a variety of different types of shower doors that should accommodate the majority of bathrooms.

It’s important to note that you have so many more options than these ten shower doors. These are simply the best shower doors in their category.

1. Best Overall Shower Door of 2023: WOODBRIDGE MBSDC4876 Shower Doors

Are you searching for the best shower door? A shower door with all the extra features and an excellent design.

The Woodbridge MBSDC4876 is our top choice for shower doors. It’s a frameless shower door with a thick ⅜” tempered glass and an Ultra Lux coating that reduces cleaning time.

We like Woodbridge for those two reasons, but those aren’t the two reasons it made the top of our list.


This shower door has an adjustable width that should fit most showers – 44” to 48”. The height is also comfortable for most people at 76”.

Woodbridge provides an excellent lifetime warranty on tempered glass, which is something that we always like to see from a manufacturer. The warranty on the hardware is a little worse at only one year, but it’s still a good warranty.

Finally, Woodbridge has included an extremely detailed instruction manual that allows you to install this door yourself. Now, we still do not recommend installing a frameless shower door on your own, but it is possible with the level of detail in the instruction manual.

Final Verdict

The Woodbridge is an overall great shower door with the extra features we like to see in a shower door. The only real downside is that the warranty on the hardware is only a 1-year warranty, but that’s a small downside for such a great shower door.

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WOODBRIDGE MBSDC4876 Shower Door review


  • Lifetime warranty on tempered glass
  • Dimensions should fit most showers and bathrooms
  • Excellent installation manual
  • Reversible installation
  • Great Ultra Lux glass coating that prevents soap scum from sticking to the glass


  • 1 year warranty on the hardware

2. Best Frameless Hinged Shower Door 2023: Aston Cascadia Frameless Hinged Shower Door

Looking for a frameless shower door that still has a hinge?

We understand why hinged doors tend to work better than those without a hinge. Anyway, the Aston Cascadia frameless shower door is the best choice as we will explain in this review.

First, the design on the Aston Cascadia is great – it does not have a visible frame, so it has a sleek, modern design. It looks great in most bathrooms, and it looks especially great in modern bathrooms with stone tile.

We also like the flexibility of this door. It’s available in widths ranging from 22” to 38” with a standard height of 72”. It’s also available with hardware in five different finishes. This means you can most likely find a size and finish that fits your shower and bathroom.

Finally, a five-year warranty is included on the glass and the hardware. We would like to see a lifetime warranty on the glass, but a five-year warranty is acceptable. In fact, it’s extremely rare for tempered glass to have any issues, so we don’t view this as a tremendous negative.

The only real negative is that this is an expensive shower door. But that’s expected from a frameless shower door that looks as great as the Aston Cascadia.

Final Verdict

The Aston Cascadia shower door is an overall great shower door with an excellent design and lots of sizing and appearance flexibility. We did wish it had a coating on the glass, but we can overlook that because of the amazing design of this shower door.

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Aston Cascadia Frameless Hinged Shower Door review


  • 5-year warranty on the glass and hardware
  • Hardware available in 5 finishes
  • ⅜” tempered glass
  • Reversible design
  • 100% frameless
  • Available in widths ranging from 22” to 38”


  • Pricey
  • No coating

3. Best Semi-Frameless Bypass Shower Door: DreamLine Encore

The DreamLine Encore is our top semi-frameless shower door. It’s a sliding door, which is great if you have a smaller bathroom.

We like this shower door, however, because it has all the features. Those features include a ClearMax coating, a bypass entry, and a sealed frame that should prevent water from seeping out.

Our favorite feature is the bypass entry. For those that don’t know, a bypass entry allows for entry into the shower from either side. This is both practical and gives the door an excellent design.

The door is also available in 9 different dimensions with five different finishes. In other words, you can find a door that works in your bathroom.

Final Verdict

All in all, the DreamLine Encore is a great semi-frameless shower door. It has all the features combined with an appearance that will make your bathroom look great. More importantly, the price is surprisingly low for a semi-frameless shower door.

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DreamLine Encore shower door review


  • Great price for a semi-frameless shower door
  • Lifetime warranty on the tempered glass
  • ClearMax coating on the glass
  • Available in five different finishes and nine sizes
  • Easy installation


  • The metal holders at the top are a little flimsy

4. Top-rated Framed Sliding Shower Enclosure: DreamLine French Corner

The DreamLine French Corner is one of the more interesting shower doors on our list.

It’s a shower enclosure with an exterior frame that resembles those found on a French door.

This is truly a great looking shower door with those frames. It also slides rather than opens. And the glass is sturdy tempered glass.

The one downside, if you could call it that, is this shower door only fits on a small subset of showers. Basically, it only works on corner showers. You will know if this shower door is right for you – it has a unique design and corner showers pose a big door problem for those that have a corner shower.

That said, if you do have an open shower, then you really can’t go wrong with the DreamLine French Corner. It looks great, has a nice tempered glass, and a sturdy frame.

Final Verdict

Simply put, this is the best shower door you will find for a corner shower. On the downside, it only works for a corner shower.

We’ll put it this way. If you need a door for your corner shower, then buy the DreamLine French Corner and end your search.

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DreamLine French Corner shower door review


  • It looks great with the French door exterior frame
  • Both doors can be opened
  • 1-year warranty
  • Affordable corner shower door


  • No coating on the glass
  • Tempered glass a little thin at 5/32”

5. Best Frameless Partial Tub Door: DreamLine Aqua Uno

If you have a bathtub, then you likely want some sort of door on it. But perhaps you don’t want a full door on your bathtub – they aren’t necessary.

That’s where a partial tub enclosure can help. And when it comes to the best partial tub door, it’s the DreamLine Aqua Uno.

We like that this partial tub door has a curved tempered glass door that gives it a nice European look. The frame is also reversible, so the relative location of your bathtub does not matter.

The hinges on this tub also have a chic minimalist design, which is perfect for a partial tub door. A partial tub door with gaudy hinges would simply look goofy.

Of course, DreamLine offers a limited lifetime on all components that come with this tub. That’s a huge positive for peace of mind.

Final Verdict

This is a great designed partial tub door. It’s reversible and the only hardware on this door has a sleek design that fits the overall aesthetic. We don’t like the somewhat cheap feeling of the hinges, but you don’t touch the hinges enough for that to matter.

Click to Check the Price

DreamLine Aqua Uno partial tub door review


  • Great price
  • Curved frame looks great
  • Sleek hinges
  • Reversible hinges
  • Lifetime limited warranty


  • Hardware feels a little cheap
  • Professional installation recommended

6. Best Sliding Shower Door for Corner Showers: ELEGANT Sliding Shower Doors

If you have a corner shower and want sliding doors on it, then the doors by ELEGANT are a great choice. These have a different aesthetic than the DreamLine French Corner.

We would classify this aesthetic as more utilitarian with the brushed nickel frame and chrome handles. It’s a great design that should fit most bathrooms whereas the DreamLine only works well in some bathrooms.

Our feature on the ELEGANT is the magnetic strip that should prevent any issues with the sliding mechanism and ensures a strong seal to prevent any leaking. This is a huge positive and not found on most sliding shower doors.

A 2-year limited warranty works for all parts of the door, which is nice.

Final Verdict

We really like this shower door for a corner shower. The design of it really does look well in almost all bathrooms. And the price is much lower than you would expect for the quality you receive.

Click to Check the Price

ELEGANT Sliding Shower Doors review


  • A design that fits most bathrooms
  • 2-year warranty
  • The magnetic strip prevents damage and water from leaking out
  • Strong seal on the sliding mechanism


  • The 2-year warranty is a little short, but expected for the price

7. Best Budget Shower Door in 2023: DreamLine Aqua Fold

Shower doors are generally thought of as more expensive. Fortunately, there are budget options that still look great. And the DreamLine Aqua Fold is the top of the budget options.

First of all, the Aqua Fold is a budget shower door. That means it does not have the extra features such as a glass coating found on the pricier shower doors.

It does not look like a budget shower door, though.

The design is excellent. We really like the bi-folding doors because they allow for a much larger entryway and allow for installation in smaller bathrooms.

The most interesting feature, however, is that this shower door has a ¼” tempered glass, which is actually pretty thick. Especially for the budget price.

Finally, DreamLine even includes a lifetime warranty on all components of the shower door, which is something you don’t find on pricier options. It’s especially great on such a budget shower door.

Final Verdict

It’s a budget shower that delivers mid-range design and features. This makes it the perfect choice for someone that wants a shower door without spending the absurd amounts of money that shower doors typically cost.

Once the price is considered, there are not any downsides to this shower door.

Click to Check the Price

DreamLine Aqua Fold shower doors review


  • Great price
  • Excellent design
  • Lifetime warranty
  • ¼” thick tempered glass
  • Bi-folding doors


  • None for the price

8. Best High-End Shower Door: VIGO VG6041MGCL5674 Frameless

A high-end bathroom warrants a high-end shower door. The VIGA VG6041MGCL5674 is certainly that high-end shower door.

This is one nice shower door that has an elegant design with all the extra features discussed.

The design of this shower door is marvelous. It has a top metal bar that looks wonderful in a fancy bathroom because of the polished gold finish and intricate design.

That one feature alone sets this shower door apart from the average shower frameless shower door that oftentimes looks like nothing more than a sheet of glass. Not to mention that VIGO has a proprietary design that allows the door to self-center on the frame.

Of course, this shower door has a lifetime limited warranty and a glass coating that protects against soap scum. We wouldn’t expect anything less from a shower door at this price.

Final Verdict

If you have the room in your budget, then this is an excellent shower door. It has a great design, thick glass, and an excellent warranty.

We will note that this shower door only works in fancy bathrooms. A fancy shower door in a non-fancy bathroom would draw too much attention.

Click to Check the Price

VIGO VG6041MGCL5674 Frameless shower doors review


  • Elegant design
  • Self-centering door
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Glass coating to prevent soap scum


  • Very expensive

9. Deluxe Framed Tub Door Option: Basco DLXH05A5958XPBN tub door

Do you have a bathtub and want a full tub door for it?

The Basco Deluxe Framed Tub Door is the best choice. It’s a fairly standard framed tub door design with a ⅛” thick tempered glass. It’s available in three finishes, which is enough for most bathrooms.

The price is also great for a full tub door.

We will say that while the design is standard, it’s not particularly great because the framing is a little thick. This is more of a budget option than a choice based on looks.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for an average looking full tub door, then this is the choice. It’s average in appearance, but it’s also average in price.

Fortunately, it’s still a reliable door that should not give you any long term problems. The lifetime limited warranty also makes this an enticing pick if appearance isn’t a top priority.

Click to Check the Price

Basco DLXH05A5958XPBN tub door review


  • Great price
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Three finishes are available


  • It looks average, but at this price that’s expected

10. Best Frameless Tempered Glass Shower Door: KOHLER Levity Bypass Shower Door

No list of bathroom hardware would be complete without at least one KOHLER product. Yes, KOHLER’s reputation is that good.

The KOHLER Levity is our selection for the best frameless bypass shower door. It has a unique design with a large sliding bar on the top. This normally is a poor aesthetic design, but KOHLER makes it work because of the intricate design of the bar. That large bar also provides plenty of extra stability to the door, which will prevent the door from sliding off the rack.

As you should expect with KOHLER, this door has a lot of extra features. We like the CleanCoat glass treatment and out of plumb adjustability. The out of plumb adjustability is particularly nice because it allows for a little flexibility when sizing the door.

A lifetime limited warranty is also included with the shower door.

Final Verdict

It’s a KOHLER product, which means the quality and design are top-notch. Both of those certainly apply to the Levity. Additionally, the extra features on this shower door exceed other shower doors on the market.

This makes the KOHLER Levity one of the top shower doors available on the market. The price matches the quality – high. But that high price also means you will likely not have to replace this shower door at any point in the future, a rather nice benefit of spending a little extra money.

Click to Check the Price

KOHLER Levity Bypass Shower Door review


  • Out of plumb adjustability
  • KOHLER is a trusted brand
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • CleanCoat glass treatment
  • It looks great


  • As with all KOHLER products, it’s a little pricey

Best Shower Doors Brands

Here are some of the manufacturers making some of the best shower doors in 2023. These manufacturers all have a reputation for excellent quality, wonderful design, and mid to high range prices.

In other words, a shower door from any of these manufacturers is a great choice.


Woodbridge is an American based manufacturer of bathroom and kitchen products. They are relatively new, being founded in 2005, but they have an intense focus on quality and design that is not typically found in this industry.


DreamLine is an American distributor of bathroom and kitchen products. They design all their own products in Pennsylvania and manufacture them in China.

DreamLine tends to focus on designing products with a very modern appearance while still trying to keep the price low. They have earned a positive reputation in the bathroom product industry because they offer great warranties and have excellent customer service.

Aston Cascadia

Aston Cascadia is another US-based manufacturer of bathroom products. They are an older company being founded in the 1990s. The focus on Aston Cascadia has always been the design.

Aston Cascadia does not design generic nor ugly bathroom products. The simplest way to describe them is they design fancy products at a mid-range price.


Kohler is an American based manufacturer of a variety of goods ranging from engines to bathroom products. They were founded in 1873, so they have a storied history.

Kohler has a focus on quality and innovation like no other brand in the industry. Surprisingly, Kohler does a good job of offering their products at a reasonable price – they’re still expensive, but nearly as expensive as one would expect from the top brand in the industry.

How to Install a Sliding Shower Door

Installing a sliding shower door is a somewhat complicated process. We recommend hiring a professional because it’s easy to make a mistake and damage your glass shower door.

However, if you still want to install a sliding shower door on your own, then this quick guide will help.

Note: Consult your owner’s manual before installing your sliding shower door as it will describe any unique quirks in the installation process. This guide is a very general guide.

  1. Cut the top and bottom track to fit your shower.
  2. Attach the bottom and top track by attaching a fastener to the wall.
    • Careful not to crack your tile while attaching the fastener to the tile.
  3. Apply silicone to the gap on the bottom track.
  4. Carefully place the door between the top and bottom rack.
  5. Make sure the door is connected to the top rack before letting go of it.

Again, that is a very general guide. The installation process is a little more involved as it will often require adjusting the length of the track and smoothing out any rough edges.

For that reason, we recommend hiring a professional to install your sliding shower door. This is not a simple DIY project by any stretch.

Final Thoughts

Well, that covers it for reviews of the best shower doors of 2023. As always, you cannot go wrong with any of the products we reviewed. But it’s extremely important to note that not every shower door will fit in every bathroom. Even if a shower door does fit in your bathroom, it might not have the right aesthetic for your bathroom.

The buying guide at the beginning of this article is also a good general guide for helping you understand the different types of shower doors available on the market. We strongly recommend reviewing it before making a purchase.

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