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Best Kitchen Sinks of 2023 (Top 10) – Reviews & Buying Guide

Last Updated: Best Kitchen Sinks 2023 Reviews

Many of us live our lives in houses and apartments for decades without the need to know anything about kitchen sinks. They are so must have and common that we don’t pay much attention to them unless there are serious issues or a general renovation of the house. Then we usually discover the whole big world of sinks and their accessories to choose from.

In this review, the emphasis is on the kitchen sinks made of stainless steel and other materials. This limitation allows comparing the products’ design, features, and other benefits or flaws without bias. Stainless sinks are considered the best by the price/durability ratio and, finally, they are conventional for households. That’s why you’ll definitely look at this type of sinks after learning about the whole thing more.

Here is our latest research on the topic along with detailed kitchen sinks reviews. Looking through over hundred of them we chose ones we’d like to buy for our own place if we need one. But first comes the quick comparison chart of all the best kitchen sinks reviewed.

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Top-rated Kitchen Sinks Comparison Chart

Product name Type Mount Quality Rating
1. KRAUS KWU110-30 Kore Workstation
Best Stainless Steel Sink Overall
Single Undermount
4.9 out of 5 stars
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2. Kraus KHU100-30 Kitchen Sink
Our Runner Up
Single Undermount 16-gauge
4.8 out of 5 stars
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3. TORVA 15 x 17 Inch Undermount Kitchen Sink
Best Undermount Kitchen Sink
Compact Undermount 16-gauge
4.5 out of 5 stars
Check price
4. KINDRED Essentials All-in-One Kit
Best Stainless Steel Sink Kit
Compact Topmount 22-gauge
4.5 out of 5 stars
Check price
5. ZUHNE Double Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink
Best Double Bowl Kitchen Sink
4.3 out of 5 stars
Check price
6. MENSARJOR Single Bowl Kitchen Sink
Best Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink
Undermount 16-gauge
4 out of 5 stars
Check price
7. Elkay DSE233194 Dayton Equal Double Bowl Sink
Best On A Budget
Double Drop-In 20-gauge
3.9 out of 5 stars
Check price
8. Franke USA SL103BX Sink
Best Dual Mount Compact Sink
Compact Undermount
3.9 out of 5 stars
Check price
9. Houzer Glowtone Stainless Steel Sink
Best Topmount Sink
Compact Topmount 22-gauge
4.4 out of 5 stars
Check price
10. Kraus KGD-433B Black Onyx Granite Kitchen Sink
Best Alternative to Stainless Steel Sink
Double Undermount
Drop In
Premium granite composite
4.7 out of 5 stars
Check price

Guide on Buying the Best Quality Kitchen Sinks

Whether you are creating the home design from the scratch or renovating your old kitchen or just replacing the old broken sink, there are several core things you have to decide to make a proper choice.

We have mentioned them in each individual kitchen sinks review. It is crucial to count them all.

Stainless Steel Type

We mention it first, despite the fact, most people don’t consider it at all. Alas, the durability and longevity of your new sink depends on it like nothing other. Here is the thing to remember: the less is the number of stainless steel type, the more solid and rust-proof is the product. The best quality stainless steel used for kitchen sinks is 16-gauge. The larger gauge number means thinner sheet of metal and less protection against rusting, dents, and scratches.


The size of the sink is the evident thing to consider. In a large family, the kitchen sink is heavy duty appliance. It has to be big enough to soak in it pots and pans; the stack of dishes and other utensils after the dinner must fit inside completely. Otherwise, small apartment kitchens, laundry rooms, wet bars require a smaller sink. Think about the necessary capacity of your sink to get the right one.

Then, match the required dimensions of the cabinet (not the sink!) with your cabinet size to ensure the sink will fit it. Although modular kitchen furniture tends to have standard dimension, check them carefully. Certain types of kitchen sinks have individual shape and size which won’t fit any standard cabinet. Therefore, if your aim is to quickly replace the old sink, limit your search by the existing cabinet measurements.

Faucet and Drain Assembly

As a rule, the best stainless sinks come with basic accessories like basket strainer, the grid to protect the bottom of the sink, the drain cover, etc. They very rarely include tap and drain assembly which are obligatory components for the sink usage. It is important to choose the faucet simultaneously, as it has to be technically compatible with the sink. Match the number of faucet mounting holes on the sink and that of the faucet. You’ll have to drill the extra holes if needed but it can affect the warranty.

One more thing to consider is the height of the tap, especially for a shallow sink. The clearance between the faucet and the sink bottom must allow you to use it comfortably.

The drain hole standard size is 3,5’’ which complies with majority of garbage disposals. The drain assembly and the faucet usually have the same color and finish to make a perfect combination with the sink.

Mounting Options: Undermount or Topmount?

Drop-in in general is the same mounting method like overmount and topmount. They all mean that the sink will be placed on the top of the cabinet with the sink rim laying around the bowl on the countertop. It is the simplest way of installation because one can do it alone without any additional skills. The most difficult task while doing this is to match the dimensions of the sink and the opening for it in the countertop.

All the best kitchen sink brands accompany their products with mounting hardware and detailed manual making the drop-in installation super toiless. There are also templates and drawings online to help customers do the right thing. See the best drop-in kitchen sink reviews.

Undermount installation means that the sink must be placed under the countertop to provide the seamless working surface. The result has that modern hi-end look making the whole design classy. It is more appropriated in the open spaces where kitchen is a part of living room.

This mount type requires solid and water-proof countertop material. Laminate or wood are not suitable for undermount sinks. The difficulties of installing such a sink are caused by the necessity to remove the whole countertop, cut the proper hole in it, and make the seam between the sink and countertop leak-proof. It’s always better to get these tasks done by a professional unless you have the proper experience.

Thus, be ready to spend more on installing the undermount sink or do it with the extra hassle.

Farmhouse sinks are the ones you have to be careful with. These kitchen sinks have a traditional apron on the front side looking great in terms of appearance but requiring special cabinet construction. If you are a fan of farmhouse sinks, choose the one for your renovated place before ordering kitchen furniture.

The mounting can require more than one man because large sinks with aprons tend to weigh a lot.

Reviews of the Best Kitchen Sinks in 2023 from an Expert

Our top rated kitchen sinks list includes a wide range of models spanning from high-end options that offer top-of-the-line features to budget alternatives that can satisfy basic needs.

So here’s our top-picks for the Best Kitchen Sinks.

1. KRAUS KWU110-30 Kore Workstation – Best Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink 2021 Overall

Kraus is not very long on the market (as we previously thought) though it represents great functionality, appearance, and beneficial pricing. Among the other appliances, the brand manufactures an impressive range of kitchen sinks for almost any needs.

We have chosen this Kore Workstation by Kraus as out top pick in stainless steel sinks due to its outstanding quality and functionality. As comes from its name, this sink is equipped with additional features – cutting board and dish drying rack which are very useful while cooking. The rack can be rolled up when not in use. The built-in ledge allows all additional features set to the place safe and quick. Also, the kit includes bottom grid, strainer, and drain cover.

This single bowl sink is spacious enough to contain large kitchenware or dishes after big family dinner. The bottom is slightly slopped to provide the easy drainage. We particularly like its modern look with tight-radius corners which will suit any industrial or contemporary design. There are three mounting options for this product including farmhouse one. The other two variants are drop-in and undermount – just decide what you want in your kitchen and here it is!

Apart from all that’s on the surface, the Kore Workstation is a reliable and solid one. It is made of the highest quality stainless steel available which is 16 gauge. It means the thickest possible metal layer; it prevents dents but is heavier. Besides, the thicker the sink, the lesser its sounds. This sink is additionally insulated all over to reduce sounds to a minimum.

Final Verdict

This Kraus Kore Workstation works well as ready-to-go kit as it has popular additional features. Due to cutting board and dish dryer installed right into the sink, you can save much space on the kitchen countertop. Plus, the capacity is outstanding. This workstation brings much more benefits than it can be seen at first sight. It won’t fit the smallest kitchens though.


  • High-quality 16-gauge stainless steel
  • The quietest one among the stainless steel sinks
  • Built-in ledger and additional equipment
  • Fast drainage
  • Deep bowl for handy cleaning large pots and lots of plates
  • Sustains corroding and dents


  • Won’t fit the smallest kitchens
  • Pricey

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2. Kraus KHU100-30 Kitchen Sink – Best Single-bowl Kitchen Sink and Our Runner Up

One more kitchen sink by Kraus on the top of the list of best undermount kitchen sinks, isn’t occasional. This KHU100-30 single-bowl stainless sink is the runner up which is very close to the winner. Why did it come second? Mostly because it’s less versatile than the #1.

This best quality stainless steel sink is undermount only which means more complicated installation. On the other side, some prefer this type of kitchen sinks most for their seamless integration to the countertop surface, so it’s not the downside at all.

The construction of the appliance is of the highest reliability – it’s 1,5-millimeter-thick 16-gauge TRU16 stainless steel. It’s extremely rust- and dent-proof, plus, the satin finish of the sink is commercial grade. Thus, scratches and strokes won’t be a great deal for this sink. That’s why Kraus fearlessly offers a limited lifetime warranty for this product.

Soundproofing technology provides noise reducing while cleaning or cooking. It’s important in case of open space planning, since the stainless steel sinks can be loud without special noise absorbing features. Really deep bowl of the sink means less splashing around and enough capacity for all your kitchenware.

You won’t have much hassle after purchasing this sink, even if you’re a newbie to all that. The sink comes with everything needed for immediate installation and usage. The kit includes mounting hardware, the template for cutting the countertop, the stainless steel grid, and the strainer. You can upgrade or replace any of accessories easily due to standard dimensions.

It’s the right time to mention that Kraus has a wide variety of useful kitchen appliance which are compatible with this sink. The price is not cheap at all but, in this case, you know what you are paying for.

Final Verdict

This undermount sink by Kraus does the hardest job with ease. Deep bowl for any kitchen tasks and advanced features by the leading brand make this sink stand out among the other stainless sinks. Perfect for seamless integration to your carefully designed kitchen furniture.


  • Standard dimensions will fit most cabinets
  • Saves room on the kitchen
  • Very sturdy and unbreakable
  • Scratch and stain-proof finish
  • Designed for constant use
  • Deep bowl to soak the largest cooking pot or pan
  • Advanced construction features


  • Undermount only – needs special skills for installation

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3. TORVA 15 x 17 Inch Undermount Kitchen Sink – Best Undermount Kitchen Sink 2021

Here comes the compact kitchen sink at last! This nice little undermount appliance by Torva impressed us with its versatility and highest quality. There are situations when you just can’t install the large kitchen sink. Maybe, you have a tiny kitchen in your apartment or you don’t cook much at home or you need a compact sink for a bar. This Torva piece will do the job perfectly.

Its super compact size of 15x17x9” dimensions will fit to almost any cabinet. Moreover, the undermount installation means the seamless transition for better look and more space for operating. The sink has industrial-looking corners which are still easy to clean. The 16-gauge stainless steel provides the long serving time without rusting or dents. We appreciate this combination of the budget price and uncompromising quality of this brand unless it’s not famous at all.

Then, what catches the eye is the sliding colander coming with this sink along with a must-have bottom grid and strainer. The colander recoups the small size of the sink as it allows to soak pans in it, dry dishes or even cool beverage bottles in iced water. All that you can imagine except daily cooking for a large family. It also has the sound dampening insulation on the outer surface and undercoating to prevent moisture accumulation.

Final Verdict

The topnotch stainless steel sink for smaller spaces and wet bars. Torva shows the highest quality for the money. You will get additional accessories and lifetime warranty. Highly recommended!


  • Compact size
  • Anti-condensational coating at the bottom
  • Scratch-proof satin finish
  • Sliding colander included
  • Seamless mounting


  • Undermount only
  • Not for large cookware

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4. KINDRED Essentials All-in-One Kit – Best Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Kit

This is the next small stainless steel sink on the list. This Kindred product have attracted our attention due to its modest price but then we realized it’s not for the sink itself but for the whole watering kit. Indeed, there is a single-bowl sink, a faucet, and accessories. Wonderful option for those seeking the budget equipment.

As it comes from customers reviews, this kit comes in very handy for laundry rooms, barn tackrooms, wet bars, etc. You’ll get all in one place to install it without hassle: all hardware, clips, and tap included. It’s overmount sink, thus the installation is a breeze in case the opening in the cabinet is the right size.

The bar faucet and the drain are chrome finished, the bowl itself is satin finished.

Although the sink is made of 22-gauge stainless steel, it’s not that loud due to the sound deadening system. The steel is rather thin compared to the previous sinks in this review but, in this case, it isn’t a problem as this Kindred piece is smaller and doesn’t have to sustain great vantage like heavy pots or stacks of dishes.

Final Verdict

Kindred offers a huge variety of stainless steel bar sinks for every need. There are single and double-bowl pieces of any size with 2 to 4 openings for faucet installation. If you want to replace your old sink in the utility room, just measure it and find the similar among the Kindred products. We recommend this all-in-one kit as the top pick in the affordable segment. It’s clearly the unbeatable option for money-quality ratio.


  • DIY installation
  • Faucet, sink, and drain included
  • Compatible with small spaces
  • Satin finish
  • Deeper than many wet bar sinks


  • 22-gauge stainless steel is less durable

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5. ZUHNE Double Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink – Best Dual Bowl Kitchen Sink

Zuhne Drop-In Top Mount Sink is our top-quality pick for basic needs. This single bowl extra-large sink comes without excess accessories, so the price is very affordable. As for the additional pieces, like drain or grip, you can buy them according to your taste and necessities.

This is a commercial grade sink meaning you can heavily use it on your kitchen or wherever you want. The 18-gauge stainless steel and brushed finish ensures the sink sustains harsh conditions like boiling water or ice. It’s scratch- and corrosion-proof; what’s more important, this particular product is certified for USA and Canada standards.

The sink has a bit of retro vibe in its appearance because of rounded angles and drop-in mounting. The latter makes installations fast and easy, with no special tools required, but it’s impossible to place it under the countertop. Instead, anyone can just place it on top of the cabinet made of wood, laminate, metal, plastic or whatsoever – without special skills.

The round corners and slightly brushed surface make it super easy to clean the sink and maintain its mild glowing look for years. All your need to do is wipe it with a cloth on daily basis. The fast drain contributes in it as well.

Well, the last but not the least is the lifetime warranty for the item. The manufacturer provides free returns and customer first domestic service for the sinks. You can drill the additional holes for faucet without losing the warranty.

Final Verdict

Zuhne is the trusted brand manufacturing decent products for the reasonable price. Thus, you can be sure that you’re buying the top-quality sink worth every penny spent. Large cookware will fit this sink easily but you must be concerned about the size of your cabinet.


  • Neat look for years due to finish
  • Sound deadening pads
  • Commercial grade stainless steel
  • Dent resistant
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Easy to match with your countertop using drawings online
  • Drop-in mounting
  • One of the largest sinks on the market overall


  • No drain, no accessories
  • Traditional rounded design probably won’t fit contemporary style

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6. MENSARJOR Single Bowl Kitchen Sink – Best Comapct Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

MENSARJOR undermount kitchen sink is another single bowl one on this review. We consider them more functional overall, despite many customers prefer the double bowls or even three bowls. What we saw in our experience and from asking people about using their sinks, is that large single bowls are the most versatile. They are perfect for washing big pots and pans, and other cookware. When your kitchen sink is big and deep enough, you can wash virtually anything in it.

Nonetheless, almost all kitchen sinks we review here can be purchased in double bowls variant.

So, MENSARJOR is quit a large sink but not the largest one. It has standard size for installing it in the standard cabinet and the openings are average too. This is an undermount sink which can be installed under the solid countertop for seamless effect. You must know that the manufacturer offers professional help with installing the sink.

This 16-gauge stainless steel sink is deep and large enough for the big family or even professional use. It is considered heavy duty sink; it won’t get scratched or dented easily at all. We like the rear drain of this product because it lets more space for cookware. Plus, the x-shaped grooves along with sloppy bottom help water to drain out quickly.

You will get the basket strainer, protection grid, and stretch dish drying rack. These are basic accessories to start using your new sink with comfort right after installation. What’s more about comfort? The special ultra quiet design and additional features like thick rubber pads under the bottom to reduce the noise.

Final Verdict

MENSARJOR is the industrial-looking, modern-featured large kitchen sink for everyday needs. We recommend it for those who seek quality product for the money. With this sink you’ll get the topnotch quality a bit cheaper than many of a kind.


  • The highest quality stainless steel
  • Industrial square design
  • Additional accessories for handy use
  • Easy to maintain the appearance
  • Noise damping features


  • Can be hard to install

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7. Elkay DSE233194 Dayton Equal Double Bowl Sink – Best On A Budget Kitchen Sink for 2023

The Elkay Dayton Equal Double Bowl sink is the choice for those who usually doing multiple things on the kitchen at a time. You can use two bowls independently for washing, soaking, rinsing, and defrosting. Two bowls have the same size with the centered drains. The strainers are not included though.

This piece is available with 1, 3 or 4 holes for mounting faucets. Thus, before purchasing you have to decide what type of faucet you want to install hence how many holes you need on the sink. The dimensions of the Elkay sink matter as well. This is quite a large appliance, so it needs the cabinet of the proper size. Check this out carefully before buying.

In case all the measurements are done well, the Elkay is very easy to mount on the countertop due to its drop-in construction. It’s not very heavy, plus, the sink comes with mounting clips which have to be placed inside the channel beforehand so that you won’t need to spend much time under the sink while installing.

The sink is made of 20-gauge stainless steel. The material provides defense from rusting during everyday use at home. This is not the thickest metal sheet though; it won’t handle strokes and heavy weights. If you’re looking the sink for professional use, you’ll need more durable ones made of 16-18-gauge steel.

Final Verdict

The Elkay double bowl sink is a great affordable option for everyday needs of an average family. It will handle two cooking tasks at a time. The downside is additional purchase of protective grids and strainers because they are not included.


  • Good for multitasking on the kitchen
  • Options with different number of holes for faucet
  • Sound-minimizing insulation
  • Every bowl is large enough for comfort usage
  • Affordable price
  • Easy mounting


  • Not the thickest material, dents are possible
  • Lacks strainers and drain assembly
  • No accessories

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8. Franke USA SL103BX Sink – Best Dual Mount Compact Sink

This stainless steel kitchen sink is another version of wet bar sink in this review. The SL103BX by Franke USA is proudly made in the U.S. The sink is made of 20-gauge stainless steel which is more than enough for a compact appliance. This sink is dual mount, i.e. you can drop-in this Franke on the countertop easily or mount it under for the enhanced seamless look. The minimal size of the cabinet required for this item is 24’’.

What makes this sink different from all the rest small options is its depth. It’s 10’’ and this capacity puts down the majority of similar products. This little Franke comes in handy for washing, cooking, and soaking in the outdoors, laundry rooms, utility spaces, etc.

As it comes without any additional accessories, you won’t pay for what you don’t need. This way, you are free to use it anyway you want.

The sink has sleek surface with a relatively slim rim which traces back to the classic Swiss exterior. It looks classy and glowing, although requires daily wiping like all the rest stainless steel facilities.

Final Verdict

The Franke compact sink balances between satisfying various utility needs and attractive appearance. It has versatile mounting options, thus can be used almost everywhere. It’s a classy-looking basic product.


  • Smooth design
  • Undermount and overmount installation
  • Great value for the money
  • Fits the smallest cabinets
  • Outstanding depth for the size
  • Noise and vibration reducing elements


  • There are complaints on poor draining
  • No additional accessories
  • Too small for a large family

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9. Houzer Glowtone Stainless Steel Sink – Best Topmount Kitchen Sink

Here is another compact sink for small spaces. The Glowtone by Houzer is a true work of art. Despite it’s a budget option, the sink has a bunch of advanced features along with topnotch Houzer products.

First, it has double sound protecting system consisting of extra thick rubber padding and marble powder StoneGuard undercoating over it. These features dramatically reduce any sound from the sink; besides, they also protect the cabinet from condensate.

Second, the sink has classy satin finish similar to that of more expensive models, which is easy to maintain. Overall, the premium grade 22-gauge stainless steel with the right proportion of chrome and nickel does its job very well. It’s solid, durable, and dent-proof enough for compact bar sink. It can be mounted on the countertop of the 21’’ cabinet. The distinct trace of its shape is narrow front side.

Finally, the sink comes with fasteners and a basket strainer which is rare in the budget sinks. You can easily mount it on your own.

Final Verdict

This sink would be a perfect choice for compact spaces like basement bars or tiny kitchens. What we like in this particular one, is the hi-end features of more expensive products made by Houzer. You can’t get all those subtle marks of luxury at this price in any other item.


  • UPC certified
  • Highlighted rim adds beauty
  • Premium stainless steel provides durability and anti-rust defense
  • Hygienic surface
  • Strainer included
  • Very affordable


  • Topmount only
  • Too flimsy for heavy faucets

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10. Kraus KGD-433B Black Onyx Granite Kitchen Sink – Best Granite Kitchen Sink

This kitchen sink is of another kind unlike the rest on this list. We included Kraus KGD-433B in this review to show the general differences between stainless steel sinks and stone ones.

This premium quality sink is made of a stone-like material consisting of 80% quartz and the rest 20% are granite and resin. These components make an extremely durable material to sustain high and low temperatures, strokes, scratches, etc. It’s virtually impossible to destroy or damage it. There is no bottom grid or something needed to protect the surface.

The surface of KGD-433B feels like a real stone plus it absorbs sounds. What we like about this appliance is its dual construction with a lower wall between bowls. As it occurs in many cases, the low wall in the sink is tidier and handier.

Next is the stone finish which adds the luxury matte look to all other benefits. In contradiction to the stainless steel sinks, granite surface isn’t prone to make dark water spots. You won’t need to wipe this sink daily to maintain its look. The material is not porous so this sink is bacteria-proof too.

Final Verdict

The granite kitchen sink is the great alternative to the stainless steel ones, especially if you’ve had the latter and didn’t like it due to some reasons. There are several benefits of stone kitchen sinks and this KGD-433B in particular which are almost impossible even in premium stainless steel ones. This appliance is extremely scratch-proof and will last for ages. It’s also the fashionable option to get.


  • 5 non-fading colors to fit any design
  • Farmhouse sink is available
  • Very tough and long-lasting
  • Dual mount construction
  • Easy to clean
  • No rust or corroding
  • No water spots


  • Expensive option
  • Not for small kitchens
  • No extra components added

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Questions Regarding Kitchen Sinks

How Many Bowls Do You Need?

The crucial thing about kitchen sinks is its bowl. Or two bowls, if you like. Chances are, one of these variants is installed on your kitchen right now. But if you’re looking for a new one, you definitely think about which one is better. Here is our own opinion on the topic – you have to choose the type of the sink depending on your lifestyle.

  • Single Bowl – is great for washing large pots, or many dishes, or any other big amounts of stuff. If it’s your case, opt for a large single-bowl sink. The smaller one can be bought for a tiny kitchen where are not much space to install a big sink.
  • Double Bowl – helps with multitasking. You can use one bowl for dishes, and the other one – for cooking needs. Very convenient! The only con may be the size of the bowls; if they’re not large, you will have hard times washing big pots.That’s where the 40/60 and 30/70 double bowls step into the game. The larger bowl plus smaller one is the salvation in many cases.
  • Then, there is a dividing wall. It can be full-height or shortened. We would choose the latter one because we find it handy. The downside, though, is that short divider won’t allow you to fill the sink with water to dip dishes before washing.
  • Triple Bowl – is further development of the double-bowl sink idea. All the same: look for the bowls sizes ratio, the divider, and the size of your kitchen cabinet. There are not very many cabinets to fit this really big sink.

What Is Apron Front Sink?

You may have heard about the apron front sink which is also called the farmhouse sink. This is very impressive aesthetically unit with its traditional look and front “apron” that gave it the name. The main concern about this type of sinks is installation. Your kitchen furniture has to fit it, so check the sizes match carefully.

Kitchen Sink Material Matters

Stainless Steel

The most popular material for the kitchen sink is stainless steel. And we all know why. It’s sturdy, long-lasting, hard-to-damage, and keeps its look after hard use and aggressive cleaning (some of us ladies likes to rub them really hard). You can’t go wrong with stainless steel sinks for your kitchen no matter what its design like. There is plenty of finishes that will match any intricate decor.The substantial downside of this material is the sound of running water which can be really loud and annoying, especially in the cheaper sinks made of thin metal. In the premium models, there is insulation used additionally to minimize the noise. Still, think about alternatives you have an open planning in your house; this is really the case when all the benefits won’t buy out this one failure.

Cast Iron

The metal alloy that is highly durable against scratches is cast iron. It is not such corrosion-resistant as stainless steel, so there are sinks made of enameled cast iron. Enameling adds beneficial features to the alloy; it better withstands corrosion, abrasion, and grimes. You won’t find a wide range of cast iron sinks on the market due to their rarity. If you want to try it, look for Kohler products because the brand is the cast iron sinks ambassador.


It is trending in home design currently, that’s why copper sinks are back despite the widespread yet misleading opinion that copper is toxic. All in all, kitchen sink is not a cookware, so you can rest assure that they’re safe. Copper sinks have those fantastic tint that many love. This material tends to change its color during use which is not a downside though. Copper sink is great if it matches the style of the kitchen and decor details and fixtures.

Composite Granite

This material is modern and versatile substitute for metals when it comes to kitchen sinks. Composite granite is very sturdy, it also has great look reminding of real granite. Simultaneously, it’s the contemporary material enriched with artificially added qualities. Many manufacturers have patented their own formulas of composite granite with unique features. Its real downside may be the weight which is compared to the natural stone sink. Your cabinet must be very sturdy if you decide to opt for such product.


The fireclay sinks are usual in the bathrooms but there are models for kitchen too. So, the material is made of clay processed with high temperature. This gives the product nice ceramic-like look and resistance against dirt and heat. Unfortunately, fireclay is not very sturdy against hitting, so you’ll have to avoid strokes or cookware falling into the sink. These fixtures are quite heavy also.

The Best Kitchen Sink Brands to Choose


Blanco is the company that exists for 85 years in Germany. The brand is well-known in the U.S. for 25 years by now. Its best sellers are kitchen faucets and sinks. We like their outstanding quality and innovative design, and so do the customers. Moreover, Blanco has won all the hearts involved; as the company recently stated, half of their employees have been working for them for 10 years and more!

Blanco has fireclay, stainless steel, and artificial granite sinks for kitchen in its latest collection. Plus, there are online design tools and advice available.

Kraus USA Inc

Kraus is the company that had earned its good fame in the shortest term. It was started in 2007, which is not so long ago in the world of kitchen and bathroom fixtures manufacturing. Nonetheless, it is now one of the leaders on the market offering nice and trendy products by affordable prices.

You can find a range of faucets and sinks in the Kraus portfolio, to comply with any bold design. There are even color glass sinks! We like the fresh breath this company brings with its beyond traditional products.


Ruvati has that Italian-like chic in its products reminiscent of hi-end life style. The brand was founded in Austin, TX a bit more than 10 years ago and now is the decent option for customers seeking classy European look and craftsmanship with domestic convenience. The company does all to build a flawless reputation not only by the products but by service too.

As for kitchen sinks, Ruvati has impressive modern designs in various materials. We fell in love with its apron sinks particularly. They are all you can dream about on your large new kitchen, so don’t hesitate to check them right now!


Zuhneis the last brand on the list but you shouldn’t skip it if you’re looking for good quality for the money. The company is on the market for about five years; it does not offer kitchen fixtures in posh designs. Although, Zuhne holds its place as manufacturer of solid stainless steel sinks and faucets for kitchen.

There you won’t find “steel finish” products or other tricky spoofs in Zuhne catalog even for the lowest price. The company provides both economy fixtures of high quality and exclusive models made of premium materials. Even though Zuhne is less famous than trusted brands like Moen, you can’t go wrong with this products! Highly recommended if you’re tight on a budget.


The stainless steel sinks reviews you’ve read above reflect our personal opinion regarding the topic. In any case, you should make a decision due to your particular aims. Every household is different and so do people’s needs.

We recommend the most versatile options on the market considering quality and price tag. Thus, if you’re not limited in funds, your best choice would be the stainless steel Kore Workstation or KHU100-30 single bowl sink by KRAUS for large kitchens or TORVA compact sink for smaller spaces. They are topnotch variants you won’t regret.

For those who is tight on money, our top choice is the ZUHNE Drop-In Single Bowl sink which is also available in the single bowl variant. Finally, if you’re looking for a decent compact sink for your wet bar, meet the gem of our search, the Houzer Glowtone sink. It has the advanced features of hi-end brands for quite affordable price.

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