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7 Best Wall Ovens to Buy in 2023 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Last Updated: Best Wall Oven in 2023 ReviewsAre you in search of the best wall oven for your home, but don’t know where to start?

That’s where we can help. This article will cover absolutely everything you need to know about purchasing the next wall oven for your home in 2023. We’ll provide plenty of different wall ovens categorized by budget, space, and features.

Ranges vs. Wall Ovens

The oven range will definitely be the first choice for most kitchens due to simplicity and ease of use. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

An oven range is the easiest and simplest choice for a kitchen, but how do they compare to wall ovens and how can they complement each other?

Differences Between a Wall Oven and Range Oven

Your average 30” range that has one oven will have a total volume of about 5 cubic feet. Occasionally they will reach up to 8 cubic feet.
5 to 8 cubic is more than enough space for even the biggest tasks, which is why a double oven often makes more sense for normal use. On the other hand, a wall oven is typically 4 or 5 cubic feet, but can go as low as 2.5 cubic feet.

An oven as small as 2.5 cubic feet will still be able to handle a 20 pound turkey on Thanksgiving.

As for ease of use, wall ovens are typically placed at a comfortable height to reach while standing. You can also install it underneath the countertop inside a cabinet if you want to keep the high cabinet.

A notable difference between the two is apparent for heat dissipation. Ranges will almost always have a rear vent attached to a rangehood, which will keep the heat out of your kitchen. A wall oven typically does not have a rear vent. Instead, the heat dissipates out the front of the oven, which can make your kitchen much hotter (sometimes an advantage in the winter).

Wall Oven Positives

Most homes have had a range oven throughout history. This is quickly changing due to modern needs, though. Simply put, most homeowners don’t need a full range oven.

A wall oven that has a built-in cooktop might be the superior choice for you. You can also purchase wall ovens that have an attached microwave.

Additionally, you could keep the range in your kitchen and simply add a single wall oven. It will allow you to cook multiple meals at once, decrease traffic around the space, and allow more access to an oven if you live with roommates.

Of course, if you plan on purchasing a double wall oven, then you really don’t need to keep your range oven.

Costs of Remodeling for A Wall Oven

First, a single wall oven will typically cost in the $500 to $2000 range. It’s a big price range because the quality and features vary quite a bit.

The price of the cabinets and installation will also range from as low as $300 to as high as $1500.

Note: It’s usually not necessary to remodel your kitchen to install a wall oven. If already have a wall oven, then no remodelling will be necessary.

All things considered, you will probably pay somewhere between $1000 to $3500 for the remodeling involved with purchasing a wall oven and the wall oven itself. It’s a big price range, but the price of labor and the price of an oven vary quite a lot.

Now, we know that’s a lot of money, which is why it’s important to note that a wall oven will greatly increase the price of your home and increase the desirability of a rental property.

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Wall Oven Buying Guide

There is a lot to consider before purchasing a wall oven. This section will detail some of the most important points.

Gas or Electric

An electric wall oven will have a cheaper and easier installation than a gas oven. You will also have more product diversity if purchasing an electric oven.

As for the cooking differences, an electric oven will have a much more even heat even without a convection fan. An electric oven will also have infrared broilers which will help the convection process.
Gas does have some advantages, though. For one, the heat will be a must damper heat, and that damp heat helps with baking and cooking meat that you don’t want to dry out.


An electric wall oven is typically available in 24, 27, or 30 inches width. The 27” and 30” ovens are typically the same price with the size being the only difference. 24” electric ovens are typically much more affordable than the 27” or 30” models. A 24” electric oven is mostly used for under the counter use.

Gas ovens, on the other hand, will rarely exceed 24”. You can find a 30” gas oven if you look hard, but these are typically marketed more at professionals than the average consumer.

Single or Double Oven

As the name implies, a single wall oven will have only one oven. However, some ovens will have a warming drawer to keep dishes warm when you cook other dishes. The warming drawer is often mistakenly used as storage by people, though.

Double wall ovens will have two ovens, which gives you an extra oven zone for cooking. We find this useful for people that do a lot of cooking or live with roommates that like to use the oven.
Keep in mind that the ovens will not necessarily have the same feature, size, or design.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning one other type of oven combo. The ‘combo’ oven. This oven set has your standard cooking oven and a built-in microwave above the oven. Sometimes this microwave will serve as an oven or warmer. And it will often have a convection fan attached to it.


A 30” wall oven will typically have 4.6-5 cubic feet of volume. 27” wall ovens usually have less than 4.4 cubic feet. A standing range will offer a little more space, but a 27” wall oven should be able to handle the average Thanksgiving turkey.

A double oven will more often than not have the same volume for each oven. This isn’t always the case, though. So snake sure to check before making your purchase.

Budget double ovens will often reduce the price by having a standard convection oven paired with the more outdated static oven.

Finally, a combination oven will have vastly different sizes. You should expect less than 2 cubic feet for the upper oven and a standard 4.6 cubic feet to 5 cubic feet volume on the bottom oven.


You most likely want a convection oven for home. Why?

Well, they use about 20% less electricity a month.

As far as cooking, they provide a more even heat because a fan will push air around the oven. This also means faster cooking times.

You will pay for this convenience, though. A convection oven will typically cost an extra $250 or more.

We find convection worth the price tag, but not everyone agrees.

French Oven Doors

Did you know you can have French doors on your oven?

Yes, it’s possible. These ovens don’t have the standard oven door that opens downwards. Instead, it has two doors that operate similar to French doors that open side-to-side.

It not only looks extremely stylish, but it also means you can reach your arm all the way into the oven without burning your arm. This is extremely convenient, and actually is quite useful if something falls off the baking tray during cooking.

Of course, you have to pay extra for this feature. It will typically cost an extra $300 and isn’t available on most oven models.

Controls and Settings

Ovens will either have digital and physical controls or an LCD touch panel as controls.

The digital controls look better, but will be difficult to repair in the event they break. However, we find the physical knob controls much easier to use and maintain.

A double oven will typically have one control panel with separate controls for each oven.

Finally, high-end ovens will often have smart controls that allow you to adjust your oven via an app on your phone. Some high-end ovens even have voice controls, which are interesting, but not particularly useful.

Extra Features

The price of a wall oven is usually determined by extra features and specs such as the ability to steam, maximum temperature, power ratings, number of racks (and designs), and different cooking presets.

The majority of modern wall ovens will have a digital clock, automatic shutdown, a delayed start, and control locks.

Top-rated Wall Ovens Comparison Chart

So, what is the best wall oven for your kitchen?

Product name Capacity Core Features Rating
1. Frigidaire Gallery Combo 27 Inch 2.0 cu.ft. microwave, 3.8 cu.ft. oven True convection, auto cook, sensor cook, favorites, true bake, 30 minute self-cleaning.
4.5 out of 5 stars
Check price
2. Empava 24 inch Under Counter Wall Oven 2.3 cu.ft. oven Powerful convection, ceramic burner.
4 out of 5 stars
Check price
3. GE 27 Inch Double Wall Oven 4.3 Upper / 4.3 Lower True convection, Self-Clean with Steam, Wirelessly oven control from smartphone.
4.2 out of 5 stars
Check price
4. GE 30 Inch Combo Oven 1.7 Upper / 5.0 Lower True European Convection, Audible Preheat Signal, Defrost Mode, Certified Sabbath Mode.
4.1 out of 5 stars
Check price
5. Bosch 800 Series 27 Inch 1.6 Upper / 4.6 Lower QuietClose Door Shut, Genuine European Convection.
4.7 out of 5 stars
Check price
6. Cafe Professional 30 inch Wall Oven 5 cu.ft. French Door Design, Self Cleaning, True European Convection.
4 out of 5 stars
Check price
7. Frigidaire Single Gas Wall Oven 3.3 cu.ft. Even Baking Technology, quick self-clean cycle, Vari-Broil Temperature Control.
4.1 out of 5 stars
Check price

Reviews of the Best Wall Ovens 2023

Here are the top 7 wall ovens. We’ve included a wide selection of wall ovens, so everyone should find something that they like on this list.

  1. Frigidaire Gallery Combo 27 Inch – Best Overall Wall Oven
  2. Empava Under Counter Wall Oven – Best Value
  3. GE 27 Inch Double Wall Oven – Top Double Wall Oven
  4. GE 30 Inch Combo Oven – Best Combo Wall Oven (Microwave)
  5. Bosch 800 Series 27 Inch – Best Single Oven 2023
  6. Cafe Professional 30 inch Wall Oven – Top Premium Single Oven
  7. Frigidaire Single Gas Wall Oven – Best Gas Wall Oven

This is the best overall wall oven because it’s very suitable for modern life due to the high performance microwave paired with a powerful convection oven.

Microwave Oven

This is a combo oven, so of course it has a microwave open. We like all the preset settings on the microwave oven for two reasons: they’re useful and they’re a good indicator of a high-quality oven.
Our favorite feature of the microwave oven is the sensor cook, though. It calculates the amount of time necessary to cook a variety of dishes. On top of that, there are one button settings for the most common dishes that include popcorn, potatoes, and all forms of vegetables. Plus, you can program your own one button settings.
Finally, the microwave has a setting to keep food warm and a delayed start option.

Convection Oven

We really like the convection oven. It looks nice and has plenty of features. The true convection on the oven is a nice perk. For those that don’t know, true convection ovens will have a heating coil that surrounds the convection fan, which provides an even more even heat than a regular convection oven.

If you don’t want the convection, then you can turn off the convection fan.

Other features we like include the keep warm setting and the automatic keep warm setting that will last for three hours. You can also program your favorite settings into the microwave, which is very useful if you consistently cook the same dishes.

Do you bake for a long time?

That’s not a problem with this oven. You can turn off the standard 6 hour automatic shutoff that this oven has as a safety feature.

The racks on this oven are nice, too. They’re heavy duty and have enough space separating them that you can actually cook two dishes at the same time.

One downside of the oven is that the size is a little small at 3.78 cubic feet. But the microwave being 2 cubic feet makes up for the slightly smaller oven.

That said, this microwave is likely better suited for homeowners that use a microwave more than an oven.

Fortunately, there is a model that has a bigger 30” convection oven with a 4.18 cubic feet volume also available for a slightly higher price.

Final Verdict

Most reviewers have little to no complaints about the performance of the oven. The only significant complaint involves the noisiness of the cooling fan, but that’s a common complaint with Frigidaire ovens. The size is also a complaint. However, there is a bigger 30” model available for purchase.

Overall, we recommend this oven if you want the highest quality convection oven and a good microwave all at a reasonable price.

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Frigidaire Gallery Combo 27 Inch review


  • True convection oven for energy savings and even cooking
  • Plenty of presets and programmable presets on both ovens
  • Both ovens have a delay timer
  • It’s self cleaning, which will save you time


  • The cooling fan is a little loud
  • You will most likely need a professional to install this oven for you

2. Empava 24 inch Under Counter Wall Oven – Best Value Wall Oven

Are you searching for a good value oven?

The Empava wall oven is the choice for you.

It’s a 24” oven that is meant for under counter installation. However, you can also place it in a wall cabinet. The door is cool to the touch. Additionally, the design will match other Empava products.

This Empava oven is 24 inches and 2.29 cubic feet, but it does have convection heating that is useful for roasting and broiling. We like that it’s cool to the touch, which makes it safe for an under counter installation or an installation inside a cabinet.

Now, we do recommend keeping in mind that this oven has a width of 18” and depth of 16”, so you need to carefully choose your pan. We recommend a 15” roasting pan.

This oven has knobs instead of a digital display. Fortunately, the knobs are easy to use. One knob controls temperature, the other controls the oven settings, and the third knob is a timer that operates in 10 minute increments. Sadly, self-cleaning is not a feature of this oven, but that’s expected at this size and price point.

Other Models

The 24” Empava ovens are perfect for small homes, apartments, or mobile homes. Thankfully, Empava has three different models available for purchase:

  • Standard static oven.
  • Convection oven (reviewed here).
  • Convection rotisserie oven.

We prefer the convection oven, which is why we reviewed it. The standard static oven, however, is much more affordable. The rotisserie has some extra features and digital controls on it.

Final Verdict

We recommend this oven if you’re searching for a budget wall oven that is a little smaller. It’s great for a smaller kitchen or even as a second oven. The power is a little light, but the convection helps with that.

The glass doors also add a nice aesthetic to the oven.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with this oven IF you’re happy with a smaller oven.

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Empava 24 inch Under Counter Wall Oven review


  • True convection oven for energy savings and even cooking
  • Plenty of presets and programmable presets on both ovens
  • Both ovens have a delay timer
  • It’s self cleaning, which will save you time


  • The cooling fan is a little loud
  • You will most likely need a professional to install this oven for you

3. GE 27 Inch Double Wall Oven – Top Double Wall Oven

Searching for a basic double wall oven?

GE has you covered with this 27” double wall oven. Both ovens have the standard features you expect from an oven. And both are static heat ovens, which means no convection. In fact, the ovens are pretty much identical, which is rare for a double wall oven.

The two ovens are the same size – 4.29 cubic feet. They also have enough size for a very large broiler plan or roaster, but the broiler pan and roaster are not included.

For reference, 4.29 cubic feet is large enough to cook a 23 pound turkey. You might even be able to cook a larger turkey depending on the shape of the turkey.

We like that the power ratings in both ovens are identical albeit a little lower than we like. These low power ratings mostly impact the preheat time.

Final Words

So, the most common complaint with this oven is that preheating takes way too long. As mentioned earlier, this is expected due to the lower power settings and lock of convection.

All it means is that you have to plan out more time for preheating. Fortunately, it has a delayed start, so that does allow you to budget more time for preheating without actually being in the kitchen.

Those are minor complaints, though. Don’t let them overshadow the fact that both these ovens are excellent ovens that will instantly double your cooking zones in your kitchen.

We recommend this double wall oven for someone that does a lot of cooking, but does not have the budget for the fancier double convection ovens listed previously.

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GE 27 Inch Double Wall Oven review


  • Two heavy duty racks
  • Both ovens are self-cleaning
  • Halogen lights that are bright and long lasting
  • Delayed start timer


  • Slow to preheat
  • Lots of heat vents that do face forward

4. GE 30 Inch Combo Oven – Best Combo Wall Oven (Microwave)

Searching for a wall oven microwave combo that has a dual-use microwave?

The GE 30” Combo Oven is the choice for you. The microwave isn’t your standard microwave – it can bake thanks to the convection fan. And it can keep your food warm while you use the primary oven.

Do you like baking?

This is the combo oven for you – it’s basically made for baking because of the two convection ovens.

First of all, the lower oven is huge at 5 cubic feet. You won’t find a wall oven larger than that without getting into the pro-level wall ovens. The features are pro-level, though. They include a high powered broiler and baking element, a meat probe, halogen light bulbs, and two racks.

The upper oven is a little smaller at 1.7 cubic feet, but it still has nice features. The main feature is that it serves as a convection oven and a microwave.

That’s not something you see that often.

We like the extra features that include sensor cooking, defrost settings based on weight, and the repeat last setting.

The repeat last feature is especially convenient if you have a tendency to cook the same dish.

Final Verdict

Well, that covers it for this oven. It has a few minor disadvantages that include a vertical door on the top oven and a slow heat-up time, but other than those two minor problems this is a great oven.

You just don’t see a dual convection oven with an upper oven that also doubles as a microwave all that often. Especially at this price point.

You can’t go wrong with this oven if you do a lot of baking, which is why we recommend this oven to anyone that loves baking or that frequently uses their oven.

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GE 30 Inch Combo Oven review


  • Two convection ovens + a high spec microwave
  • Lower oven is true convection
  • Both ovens have a keep warm setting
  • The lower oven has a meat probe


  • The upper oven door opens downwards
  • The beeps sound is a little low
  • It can take a little while to heat up

5. Bosch 800 Series 27 Inch – Best Single Oven 2023

Bosch makes popular ovens. And the 800 series is amongst the top ovens from Bosch.

This review will detail why, but the true convection, extremely fast preheating, and other features all make it a top single oven.

The top feature in this oven is the extremely quick preheating due to the true convection and the pizza mode. Pizza mode will give you that crispy crust that everyone seems to like.

Those aren’t the only features, though. This oven actually has twelve different cooking modes, so you can cook most dishes exactly how they’re supposed to be cooked.

We also like the amount of racks this oven has:


Two of the racks are standard racks. One of the racks is a telescoping rack that has rollers that help for heavy dishes. You do have to pull the racks out for self-cleaning, which means you have to clean the racks yourself.

The door is also soft closing, which is a feature you don’t often see at this price point.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is a very good single oven. We don’t have any major complainants. However, some reviewers have mentioned that 20 minutes to preheat to 400 Fahrenheit is a little long, but it’s difficult to find an oven that preheats faster, especially at this price.

All things considered, this is likely the best single oven you will find on the market. Price, features, and appearance are all excellent for the price.

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Bosch 800 Series 27 Inch review


  • It fits flush with your cabinets for a nice aesthetic
  • The oven uses true convection
  • It has a special mode for multiple rack baking due to the true convection
  • Extremely fast preheating
  • It has a special mode that resembles a brick oven for pizza making
  • The racks are telescoping
  • It has a meat probe


  • No self-cleaning for the racks, but the oven does self-clean
  • A broiler pan is not included

6. Cafe Professional 30 inch Wall Oven – Top Premium Single Oven

Cake Professional is one of the most highly rated oven brands on the market. They aren’t cheap, but they produce professional-level ovens for homeowners that are looking for a little more in their oven.

Where do we start – we love everything about this oven!

First, it has a roomy 5 cubic feet of space with true convection for rapid heating and even cooking. The broiler is a powerful 3400 watts with a dual broiler. The low temperature is nice if you need to proof dough or make yogurt. It’s also cool enough to keep food warm.
The racks are also highly adjustable because Cafe Professional included six different rack positions rather than the standard five.
Are you concerned about appearance?

This oven is available in three different colors:

Stainless steel, matte black, and white. You can even have custom knobs and handles that match the rest of your kitchen.

Other features we like include the heavy duty rack that is perfect for a roasting pot. Two roller racks are also included with purchase.

And yes, the racks can remain in the oven during the self-cleaning process.

Our favorite feature of this oven is the very intuitive control panel. It has knobs, which are very easy to use and have a nice appearance.

You don’t even need to use the knobs, though. The control panel can also be operated through the GE Appliances app.

Final Thoughts

The performance of this oven is great, especially once the price accounted for. The appearance is also fine for most people.

However, the appearance is a little off. And the oven does not have any side trim, which gives it a very unfinished look.

All things considered, we like this oven for its performance more than anything else.

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Cafe Professional 30 inch Wall Oven review


  • It’s a true convection oven
  • The bake element has 10 passes (that’s a lot)
  • It has a power broiler
  • Two heavy duty racks are included
  • The controls are knobs for extra control
  • It’s a Smart Oven (Google Assistant, Alexa, and WiFi all work with this oven)


  • You might have some trouble with the racks at first
  • The temperature increments are 25 degrees, which is rather large
  • Smudges easily

7. Frigidaire Single Gas Wall Oven – Best Gas Wall Oven

This is a fairly basic, frills-free gas wall oven, but it gets the job done. An electric broiler and storage drawer are also included in this oven.

Some people prefer a gas oven, especially if baking cakes or cooking certain meat or fish.

In terms of a gas oven, the Frigidaire has no competition. First, it has a power of 14,000 BTU, which is roughly equivalent to 4200 watts of power.

That makes it more powerful than most electric ovens.

The electric broiler is also a nice feature because you can’t do that in a gas oven. However, a 1000 watt broiler isn’t as powerful as the broiler on an electric oven.

Another advantage of this particular oven is that preheating is extremely fast. You can expect about 10 minutes for it to preheat to 400 Fahrenheit.

We also like the easy-to-use knob dials. The timer is also nice, even though it only works as a standard timer. Halogen lights are a nice touch for a gas oven. And the door lock is nice, and fairly important for a gas oven because it can be quite dangerous if the door isn’t fully closed when you begin cooking.

Finally, if you use LP gas, then you don’t need a conversion kit. Anyone that has LP gas knows that this feature isn’t particularly common, so it’s a nice feature to see on an oven.

Final Thoughts

We highly recommend this oven if you want a very high-quality oven. This is the one of the highest reviewed consumer ovens on the market, which says a lot.

The only major complaint is that the temperature increases in 25F increments, which can be somewhat limiting if you need to cook certain dishes.

Other than that, this oven is perfect for anyone that frequently uses their oven.

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Frigidaire Single Gas Wall Oven review


  • The oven has a power rating of 14,000 BTU
  • A 1000 watt electric broiler is included under the oven
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • It has a locking drawer
  • A storage drawer is located underneath the oven


  • A broiler pan is not included with the oven
  • There aren’t any side trims

How to Install a Wall Oven

Installing a wall oven is a very simple process. However, it does require hardwiring the oven to the electrical circuit, which can be dangerous and difficult. We recommend hiring a professional for that part of the process.

Here’s a very basic overview of installing a wall oven. The exact instructions will vary based on the oven, but these steps cover the basics:

  1. Remove the oven door and any oven racks.
    • This is typically done by flipping a switch on the hinge and unscrewing the hinge.
  2. Hardwire the oven to your electrical circuit.
  3. Place the oven in the cutout space. This will likely require two people.
  4. Drill pilot holes with the mounting hole as a guide.
  5. Attach the trim to the oven.
  6. Reattach the oven door.

How to Measure a Wall Oven

If you already have a wall oven, then you should measure your oven before making a purchase. Why?

This will help you choose a properly sized oven.

Now, measuring a wall oven is slightly more difficult than you might expect, but it’s still easy. Here are the steps:

  1. Turn off the electricity or gas to the oven.
  2. Measure the height and width of the oven including the trim. If there is any space between the oven and the cabinet, then note that extra space.
  3. Open the oven door, locate the screws that secure the oven to the cabinet, and remove the screws.
  4. Pull the oven one or two inches out of the cabinet.
  5. Measure the height and length of the cabinet.
    • This is your cabinet cut out dimensions.
  6. Slide the tape measurer across the top of the oven to estimate the depth.
  7. Reattach the mounting screws and turn on the electric and gas once you have all the measurements.


That’s it for the best wall ovens of 2023. We covered a variety of different wall ovens, and even included a gas oven.

Of course, there are other ovens out there. But the ones we reviewed are the best ones in their category, which is why we recommend purchasing one of the listed ovens rather than searching for one yourself.

Simply put, you can’t go wrong with one of the ovens we reviewed – they’re all amazing. Just make sure you know what you need in an oven.

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