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How to fix a leaky shower faucet? A Quick DIY Guide

Last Updated: How to fix leaky shower faucet articleIf you strive to save every single penny from your income then how you can manage with a leaky shower. You might be surprised here that how a leaking faucet becomes a cause of money wastage, but it’s a BIG YES.

Constantly dripping water seems to be a minor problem but it adds huge money to your bills. It is not the end of wastage as your electric heater is also investing to warm the water then how you can extra pay. The best solution is to spend some minutes and save your massive amount. How? Let’s see. First, you will get the reasons for leakage, the solution of How to fix a leaky shower faucet and in the end, you will get pro tips to tackle this situation.

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Why your shower faucet leak?

If the faucet is leaking, it is obvious that the head of the shower will also leak. The very first reason for a leaky shower faucet is its corroded inner set up. When inner seals are worn, connections are clogged, O-ring and gasket fail to make proper seal result would be a leaky shower faucet.

How to fix a leaky shower faucet?

Regardless of multiple causes of leaking, you can fix the problem n your own. You have to work according to the type of your faucet whether it is a single or double handle. If you will work exactly, you will get a tight faucet.

How to fix a single handle leaky shower faucet?

Disconnect water connection: Before you start fixing a leaky shower faucet, disconnect all the water connections, or simply turn off the shut off valve. Also, place a container under the faucet to collect all the discharged water.

Detach faucet handle: When water is disconnected, detach the handle or faucet. Use a screwdriver to unscrew it and pull it out with your hands.

Disassemble faucet set up: After removing the handle, you have to separate the faceplate attached behind the handle. Unscrew it too. If there is a metal sleeve on the handle, you also have to remove that from the valve. Some of the faucets also have a U-shaped metal clip on the top of the valve, if there is a clip protecting your faucet, take a small set of pliers and remove it from the faucet.

Replace cartridge: Now is the turn to access the cartridge. This is the main point of fixation. Take a socket wrench and loosen the cartridge. Pull it out from the valve with the help of needle-nosed pliers and replace a new cartridge. When you insert a new cartridge, make sure that you are placing a new cartridge of the same model if it would not be the same, leakage will not stop. When you successfully place, turn it clockwise to tighten but do not overtighten it.

Now reassemble the faucet assembly by placing clips, faceplate, and handle. Turn on the water connections and check the faucet. There will be no more dripping water.

How to fix a double handle leaky shower faucet?

Remove handles: Just like single handle faucet fixation, turn off the water connection and detach the handles by unscrewing with a screwdriver. As in a two-handle faucet, separate valves control the flow of water, locate which side is leaking and then work on that side.

Detach and inspect the stems: After diagnosing the faulty valve and detaching it, remove the faceplate and loosen the nuts with a wrench. Now you can take out the stem with your hands. Take it out and you will see a rubber washer at the base. Remove the damaged washer with pliers and replace it with a new one. Before placing the washer, lubricate it in grease to provide a good seal and protect the washer from early damage.

In some cases, when there is severe leakage, the complete stem needs to be changed. So, inspect it carefully and observe whether it is old enough to be changed or is in normal condition. If it needs replacement, do not miss to replace it.

Reassemble faucet: When everything is done, reassemble the faucet, reconnect water connections and check the leakage.

Pro tips – Leaky shower faucet fixing

  • If the handle of the shower faucet is jammed try heating it with a hairdryer or hot water.
  • If wrench or screwdrivers fail to loosen nuts and screws, use a deep-welled socket wrench.
  • Before starting fixation, carefully go through the product manual to get a detailed overview of the unit and the components.

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