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GE Wall Oven 2023 Review: JTD3000SNSS Combo Electric Double Wall Oven

Last Updated: GE Wall Oven 2023 ReviewThe GE JTD3000SNSS Combo Electric Double Wall Oven is best for your kitchen and the value for money that it provides is amazing! Our appliances bring good things to life. Their seamless finish and clean design give a modern look to your kitchen. GE double wall oven price is substantially less than most other ovens with the additional feature of having a design that looks like it came straight out of an interior design company. This oven is made by a well-renowned brand that has a name in appliances, GE (General Electric), whose appliances grace the look of every modern home’s kitchen.

The GE Electric Wall Oven has a shiny, moderate look, with no buttons and knobs; instead, it simply implements a full-shading touch screen control board that turns off automatically when it’s not being used and an impeccable stainless finish with a stylish round handle (with 4 variants). The most famous rendition of this oven is a 30-inch wall oven but you may find the oven in a 27-inch range too!

This model GE Combo Electric Double Wall Oven comes in common color variants so it can be easy to find a shade that matches your kitchen décor. GE Appliances are made to help with any kind of task in the home. However, it has some pros and cons.

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Notable features of GE Wall Oven JTD3000SNSS Combo Electric Double Wall Oven:

  • Double design (two ovens)
  • Inner halogen lamps
  • 30-inch size joined with convection oven
  • Easily cleanable

Double design (two ovens)

This is a combo between a 5 cubic ft stove and 1.7 cubic ft microwave that gives you a wide space to cook all your dishes. It is a European convection broiler, and has a third warming capacity, combining fans to accomplish the best outcomes.

Inner halogen lamps

Most ovens don’t give you a clear view of the food from outside due to the high amount of vaporization settling on its viewing glass. However, the GE Combo Electric Double Wall Oven features halogen lamps fitted inside that let you observe your food or even take pictures while the food is cooking to showcase on your Instagram stories!

30-inch size joined with convection oven

It naturally converts the standard baking temperature over to convection temperature in the double ovens for convection cooking easily. It permits you to prepare food directly in the microwave, and your dinner will be ready rapidly.

Easy cleanable

This oven can clean itself with steam the way you need it, and the weighty roller section glides on easily, so you can support heavy baking instruments. The glass touch regulator permits you to set the temperature, light instantly, and permit you to see the food inside the oven.


  • Touch screen
  • Simple to set up
  • Keep space after installation
  • The convection works impeccably
  • Modern and elegant design


  • Difficult to replace parts when broken
  • Long time wait for new parts

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