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American Standard Toilet Review: Cadet 3 Dual Flush Corner

Last Updated: American Standard Cadet 3 Dual Flush Corner Toilet ReviewGetting a perfect toilet for your bathroom is definitely a decision that needs to be taken with full care. Factors like flushing power of the toilet, ease of use, water consumption, size of the bathroom, and of course your budget, play a critical role while choosing the right toilet for your place.

American Standard Toilets are built keeping in mind all the requirements of their customers. Known for their efficiency and comfort, American Standard toilets are powerful, durable, and very easy to clean. Moreover, they are efficient in water usage and are EPA certified.

In this article, we will review American Standard Cadet 3 Dual flush toilet. American Standard Triangle Cadet 3 toilet is a high rating product, inexpensive, and also ADA compliant. So, if you are looking for something that hurts your pocket less, gives you more comfort and caters to all your needs, then American Standard Cadet 3 Corner toilet is just the perfect pick for you.

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American Standard Cadet 3 Corner Toilet Review: Remarkable Features

Powerful Dual Flush:

American Standard Cadet 3 toilet is equipped with a dual flushing system. The flushing system is so powerful that it clears the bowl in just a single flush and is therefore known to save a lot of water. To be precise, American Standard Cadet 3 toilet uses just 1.28 gallons of water per flush making the product water efficient.

Easy Cleaning:

American Standard Cadet 3 ever clean antimicrobial surface makes it worth installing in your bathroom. It kills the bacteria and germs and does away with all the stains from the bowl. The PowerWash technology rubs the bowl and renders it clean with each flush. This also helps in getting rid of the bad odor from the washroom.


American Standard Cadet 3 toilets will not disappoint you when it comes to clogging. With American Standard toilets, no problem of leakage or clogging has been reported. They are easy to maintain and install. However, American Standard toilets need more installation space.


American Standard Cadet toilet is built in a way to provide comfort to the users without compromising on design and quality. It comes with an elongated bowl at just the right height and a tank equipped with a 3-inch flush valve which helps in filling it speedily. American Standard Cadet 3 toilet is made from vitreous china material which helps in its easy cleaning. And it is perfect for corners due to its triangle design!

The Bottom Line

American Standard is a trust-worthy, loved-by-all brand serving more than over a decade and has never let down its customers. American Standard toilets come in a wide variety of styles and are designed in a way keeping in mind the comfort and requirements of the people. Cadet 3 Triangle toilet is easy to install, maintain, and use and is certainly a product to go for.


  • Robust dual flush
  • Ever clean antimicrobial surface
  • Vitreous China construction
  • PowerWash scrubs the bowl clean
  • Easy to install


  • Tricky installation
  • Only for corners

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