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Woodbridge Toilet Review: T-0019 (T-0001) Dual Flush Elongated One-Piece Toilet with Soft Closing Seat

Last Updated: Woodbridge Toilet Review: T-0019Toilets are tricky to buy because they’re not something you can cheap out on with using them daily, but they can also run very pricey if not careful during the choosing process. Modern aesthetics tend to run on the even pricier side, but the WOODBRIDGE T-0019 has found a middle ground.

Woodbridge toilets are notable for being stylish yet affordable bathroom appliances. With dual flush toilets features and a design to ensure a quiet flush, this brand has made its way into family homes, rental properties, and more.

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Woodbridge Toilet Review: T-0001 Notable Features


Modern and sleek, this design can perfectly accompany any bathroom design, whether that be modern, minimalist, traditional, or more. Because of its smooth appearance, you can ensure that the appliance won’t go out of style, making you want to replace it in a year or two’s time.


Aside from its attribution to the sleek design, the skirted tramway also makes the toilet easier to clean. Without sharp corners or hard-to-reach grooves, you can ensure there won’t be any bacteria buildup, even after a good scrubbing. With a high-end and soft closing seat accompanied by stainless steel seat hinges, this seat can be tightened by preference and removed for easier cleaning capabilities.


With its dual flush feature, the Woodbridge Toilet T-0019 brings a quiet yet powerful flush. Targeted as having protection against clogs and leaks, this company champions its siphon and fully glazed flushing systems. What this means for you is a reliable flush flow that limits subsequent problems. The package includes all necessary appliance parts for functionality, including a specific hand wrench tool to reach narrow spaces for tightening bolts.


  • Modern and luxurious
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfort design
  • Powerful flushing


  • Tricky installation
  • Flat bottom

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