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Delta Faucet RP50841 Single-Spray Touch Rain Shower Head Review

Last Updated: Delta Faucet RP50841 Single-Spray Touch Rain Shower Faucet ReviewIf you never experienced a Rainfall shower head, you’re in for quite a treat. In fact, the Delta faucet RP50841 is an 8×8 inch square version of this unique style shower faucet that’s grown in popularity. Rather than the thin stream that you get from a traditional showerhead, the rainfall’s wide girth offers you a full body feel, which enhances the shower experience.

This Delta rp50841 style shower faucet offers some great features worth pointing out. Let’s first do a quick glance at the pros and cons to see how it stacks up.

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Delta Faucet RP50841 Single-Spray Touch Rain Shower Faucet Review: Notable features

Here are a couple of features worth noting.

Wide profile.

This rainfall shower head offers you a full 8×8 area of coverage. This means you’re getting a fuller spray of water across more of your body which gives you a spa like feel to your showering experience, making it feel luxurious.

Top name brand.

Delta is easily one of the top trusted name brands when it comes to faucets and bathroom accessories such as shower heads. They built their name with a strong reputation of quality products, and a strong warranty.

No special tools needed!

This is huge. Do you know how frustrating it is to start a project and end up being stopped in your tracks because there was no mention that you needed a special tool that you don’t have handy? They made installation easy—which is a huge win in our book.

Fits standard pipes.

This goes double for fittings. Why manufacturers don’t work around what most families have in their homes is frustrating. Thankfully, Delta gets it right and their RP50841 shower head fits standard pipes.

Super easy to clean.

With the little rubber heads, you can simply brush them and push with your finger to remove build-up, which is something people with hard water will love. Lime and hard water deposits are a huge headache. Not anymore!

The Verdict

When it comes to choosing a new shower head for your bathroom, consider the experience you want to have. If you’re looking for an upgrade, a rainfall showerhead is a great way to pamper yourself. You’ll fall in love with it every single time you take a shower. Check out the Delta rainfall shower faucet, today.

Delta Faucet RP50841 Shower Faucet Features

PROS of the Delta RP50841 Rain Shower Head

  • “drenching rainfall” full body coverage
  • limited lifetime warranty
  • easily mounts to the wall, no special tools needed
  • fits standard pipes, no special fitting needed
  • “touch-clean” spray holes for easier cleaning
  • wide 8-inch width shower head
  • modern look with chrome finishing
  • the Delta WaterSense line uses 20% less water typical shower heads
  • quick easy upgrade for your bathroom
  • Delta is a trusted brand name in faucets

CONS of the rain style shower head

  • packaging is not well-marked
  • mixed reviews and customers seemed to be describing two different units, one having a plastic bottom, one not, so make sure you’re ordering from the right vendor
  • while some raved about the rainfall experience, others felt it lowered the water pressure more than they liked

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