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How Much Does a Garbage Disposal Cost to Install or Replace?

How Much Does a Garbage Disposal Cost to Install or Replace?Garbage disposal for the sink is needed so that no clogging occurs in the drainage system, as well as to prevent the development of harmful bacteria and eliminate unpleasant odors. You can install a garbage disposer by yourself, if you don’t want to — call a plumber or a handyman to help.

In this article we made a research to determine how much does a garbage disposal installation, replacement, repair cost, how much time it takes, who is better to hire for this job and what are the warranties.

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Cost to Install a Garbage Disposal

In order to properly install a food waste disposer in the sink, the contractor will need from two to three hours. Hourly rate is from 20$ to 70$. If a handyman or a plumber charge a callout fee in addition to labor cost — then the total price will be higher.

Necessary work on the installation of food chopper:

  • disconnecting the drain pipe from the sink
  • installation of a rubber gasket under the flange
  • mounting the disposal in a mounting bracket
  • connection to the sewerage and power supply network

Average Cost to Install

Cost to Install a Garbage DisposalCost vary from a type of a disposer, brand, your kitchen conditions, wiring, sink etc.

Before installing a disposer, a plumber or a handyman (depends whom you will call) will turn off the water and electricity. Make sure there is a free outlet at a small distance from the sink, plumber will calculate the appropriate place to install the on / off button in a place inaccessible to children.

Installing an electric food waste disposer requires additional insulation against moisture.

The correct connection of the garbage disposal guarantees long-term and high-quality operation of the device for 7 to 13 years. Sometimes it is necessary to deliberately place a lemon peel or ice cubes in the grinder opening, ensuring that the details of the mechanism are cleaned.

Garbage Disposal Replacement Cost

There are different reasons to replace a garbage disposal unit, i.e. it may be a water damage etc. That’s why there may be some extra charges for this operation. But typically replacement costs are the same as for installation.

Garbage Disposal Replacement Cost

Pricing source

You can always check the actual prices and find a pro on websites like Home Guide or Home Advisor.

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