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How to Clean an Induction Cooktop?

Last Updated: How to clean induction cooktopHaving an induction cooktop in your kitchen and being lazy to clean it doesn’t make any sense because cleaning and maintaining an induction cooktop is much easy for its ‘Only Pan’ heating efficiency and the rest of the top is less likely to have baked spillage.

Then why to comprise over the shinning cooktop and make your kitchen stand out. We will tell you how you can clean your induction cooktop every day and do in-depth cleaning to remove all the greasy spots and food leftovers for its life-long shine. Last but not the least, don’t overlook given warnings to prevent any damage.

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So, how to clean your induction cooktop?

Like any other appliance, induction cooktop cleaning demands your daily few minutes. Its parts also need to be maintained for its proper function that you have to do once or twice a month for in-depth cleaning. Both of the cleaning routines are easy to follow and you just need to follow the given steps to have the best.

Things needed to clean induction cooktop

  • Sponge
  • A soft piece of cloth
  • Paper towel
  • Glass-ceramic cleaner
  • Ceramic cooktop cleaning pad
  • White vinegar
  • Plastic scraper

Daily cleaning

cleaning cooktop with a spongeWhen you have set aside all the things needed to clean the cooktop, it is time to start now.

Pick the sponge and make it damp. Wipe the sponge on the top and remove all the grease and spills. Don’t press hard and rub gently. Where you find stubborn spots, moisten it again, and speedily rub over there.

weiman cooktop cleanerYou can also use your favorite cooktop cleaner (we recommend Weiman Cooktop Cleaner Kit) that is mild and wipe the surface with a paper towel until you see all spots are gone.

If you are short of cleaner or don’t want to use, toothpaste can serve you too. Take a small amount of the paste and add some water in it. Spread it on the top with a sponge and rub until no spot. You can use it on both, glass top and stainless steel parts.

paper towel to clean an induction cooktopNow dry your cooktop with a clean towel or a soft piece of cloth. You will get a perfectly shining and scratch-free cooktop.

You saw these cleaning steps are no more difficult and you can spare a few minutes from daily workout to add value to your kitchen. Most importantly, by following this every day cleaning you will save most of the time from in-depth heavy cleaning.

In-depth heavy cleaning

cooktop cleaning process

I’m sure you are cleaning your cooktop on daily basis and now you have to do a little effort for its heavy cleaning.

Let’s see what you have to do:

  • Pour some white vinegar on the top of the surface and wait for a minute. It will give you a deep cleansing action to remove hard spots and patches. Now rinse with the water and wipe the surface.
  • You can also use a ceramic cooktop cleanser as you are doing daily.
  • If there are hardened chunks, take the plastic scraper and scrape the surface carefully. You must take special care when scrapping as the glass top is very sensitive and may get scratches if hardly handled.

You also have to do the cleaning of its parts like:

Metallic parts and hardened plastic

Metallic parts of the cooktop need to be cleaned as if unwanted leftovers remain, they would affect its functioning and shorten the life span of the induction cooktop.

To clean stainless steel parts of the top, soapy water goes well.

Soap removes all the stains and cleans the spots efficiently. White vinegar also serves you the best for this purpose and you can take benefit of it. Similarly, if you have accidentally burnt any plastic material on the top it could be dangerous for you or anyone working on the top and it must be removed as soon as possible. To do this, you have to switch off the oven and stove and wait until completely cooled. Now spray any cooktop cleaner or gently scratch the surface to loosen the hardened plastic. When it is slightly removed, use a clean piece of cloth and wipe it completely. Dry the surface and you will see there would be no more stain or plastic.

before and after cleaning your cooktop

What not to do when cleaning cooktop – Warning!

When you are dealing with an induction cooktop, you must know what you have to avoid to prevent any mishap.

  • Don’t use flammable or abrasive cleansers.
  • Using granular cleansers may scratch your top.
  • Avoid cleaners containing ammonia or bleach as they may decolorize the surface.
  • Always work gently on the induction cooktop.

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