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KOHLER Devonshire K-394-4 Review – The Best Widespread Bathroom Sink Faucet

Last Updated: KOHLER Devonshire K-394-4 – Best Widespread Bathroom Sink Faucet Review If you’re remodeling or upgrading your bathroom, you’ve most likely considered replacing your faucets already – out with the old, leaking, corroded and dripping faucets, and in with new fancier faucets that will serve you longer.

If this is you, you might want to try the KOHLER Devonshire bathroom sink faucet. In this article, we’ll look into this two-handle bathroom faucet that promises a refined look in your bathroom as well as maximum functionality.

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The KOHLER Devonshire Bath Faucet Review: Basic Features


The KOHLER Devonshire faucet is a two-handle bathroom sink faucet with widespread faucet parts. It features a stationary spout with an 8-inch reach, and a spout and matching pop-up drain with a tailpiece completes the set.

The faucets come either finished with oil-rubbed bronze, polished chrome, vibrant brushed bronze, vibrant polished brass, brushed nickel, or vibrant polished nickel to provide a timeless and classic appearance to your bathroom.

Two-lever handles

This double-handle feature separates hot and cold water to the left and right of the faucet, and also, allowing for both volume and temperature control. Thus, the ease of use and functionality.

All hardware needed for installation is included

Since all Kohler widespread faucets come with handles and valves pre-assembled, and the metal pop-up drain assembly, tee assembly, supply lines and attachment hardware in one package, you’re sure about a faster and complete installation.

Constructed of brass

The faucet’s body is constructed of brass and finished with premium-corrosion-and-tarnish-resistant finishes made to last.

Quick-mount technology with leak-free performance

Thanks to Kohler’s innovative valve technologies, its installation is made easy. It mounts in a widespread configuration – Install on a 3-hole sink or counter for 8’’-16’’ centers.

Also, its Ultra-Glide valves are rated for up to 4,000,000 on/off cycles, beating the industry standard and guaranteeing a lifetime of leak-free performance.

WaterSense-labeled faucet

This promotes eco-performance in your bathroom since it uses less water, at least 30 percent less water than standard 2.2-GPM faucets while still meeting performance standards.

Bottom Line

Kohler lives on the leading edge of design, technology, and sustainability while maintaining a constant level of quality regardless of price. Thus, whether you want beauty, sophistication, or functionality in your bathroom, the KOHLER Devonshire faucet will give you just that.


  • Easy Installation: the faucet comes with a top-mount system, drain & supply lines included to ensure your installation is done easily and faster using a screwdriver, wrench, sealant tape, and plumber’s putty, even without the help of a plumbing contractor.
  • The faucet holds firmly in position for the life of the faucet, unlike other faucet handles which will loosen over time.
  • Comes with leak-free Ultra-Glide valves that provide versatility – the valves increase the turning radius of the faucet, allowing for greater and more pin-point control over the water flow’s volume and temperature.
  • The faucet also allows you to lower the lever at all positions; thus, you don’t need to return it to center position each time you turn it off.
  • No faucet drips thanks to its Ultra-Glide valves.
  • It’s easy to clean, prevent debris, and hard water build-up. For best results, wipe its surfaces clean using a soft, dampened sponge or cloth and rinse completely with water immediately after applying the cleaner. Rinse and dry any overspray that lands on nearby surfaces.
  • Completes your bathroom: Because of its classic and timeless silhouette, the Devonshire faucet with its accessories complement a variety of bathroom decors.


  • Using other cleaners apart from Windex for your oil-rubbed bronze faucet could cause damage to the finish. Thus, to clean, use a damp sponge and blot any dry water from metal surfaces and use a dabbing action to dry metal, not an abrasive or rubbing action.

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