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GALBA Small Toilet Review: Short Option for a Tiny Bathroom

Last Updated: GALBA Small Toilet Review In this Galba small toilet review, we’re going to look at a full list of reasons you’ll want to add this small toilet to your list. Don’t only take our word for it, but check out all the strong reviews of happy, satisfied clients. This toilet not only does the job, it does it in tight, smaller spaces and looks good, too.

Okay, let’s first look at the water-saving abilities of this dual flush toilet. If you haven’t been exposed to the dual flush system yet, here’s the scoop. The button has two sides to it. When you do a ½ flush for liquids, it uses less than a gallon of water. In this case, 0.8, while the full flush for solids uses 1.6 gallons of water. This way, you have the option of using less water in most situations.

What else is notable about the Galba Small Toilet?

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GALBA Small Toilet: Features, Pros and Cons

If you’re trying to fit a tight space for a small bathroom, one of the things you’ll want to keep in mind is how much space will there be in front of the toilet once it’s installed. We often think about the size of the unit, but not where we’ll place our feet, or how close our knees will be to the wall.

GALBA Small Toilet features

Luckily, the Galba Small Toilet saves you floor space, because the tank is narrow. That means that the tank out to the toilet seat itself is slender and doesn’t take up as much room. This slim profile saves you about 4” of floor space!

That can mean the difference between comfortable breathing room and being squished against a wall.


If you’re in search of the perfect small profile toilet that will not only do the job comfortable, but looks nice, add the Galba Small Toilet to your list today.

Galba Small Toilet Pros

    • 1.6 gallons of water per full flush (adjust with the floater)
    • 0.8 gallons of water per half flush (can adjust on the flush cistern)
    • slim tank helps it fit tight spaces, the profile of this toilet is not only slender, but narrow coming off the wall, which saves valuable floor space
    • soft close toilet seat, no more slamming seats
    • glazed surface resists scratches, discoloring, and rust, and helps to keep it cleaner
    • crisp white color matches most designs
    • dual flushing allows you to save more water with a ½ flush or full flush option
    • one-piece shape and design which means no gasket leaks or water on the floor from broken bolts
    • full 16+ inch seat length, even

though slim design of toilet, comfortable for adults

Galba Small Toilet Cons

  • It’s a little pricy, but with such high customer satisfaction, you can have confidence it gets the job done right, the first time. And with a toilet, you simply want it to work—well!

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