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Skywalker Trampoline 15-Foot with Enclosure Review – Best Trampoline for the Money

Last Updated: Best Skywalker Trampoline Review Let’s admit it: Everyone loves the trampoline. You can find adults having as much fun as the kids at trampoline parks. And when you love doing it so much that you want access to it all the time, you end up installing one in your garden.

Now, picking the right trampoline that fits your requirement, is durable and cost-effective is tricky. With so many options out there, it’s natural to get confused. To make that decision easy, here’s our review of our favorite affordable 15-foot trampoline in the market.

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Skywalker 15-Foot Trampoline: Remarkable Features


Skywalker trampoline is easy to install as long as you follow the directions given in the manual religiously. It should not take more than two hours for you to assemble it. But keep referring to the manual instead of improvising, because one small error might take you to step 1 all over again.


15-Feet is the perfect size for a bunch of 4-5 kids to have fun simultaneously. The bounce might seem a little less for adults as compared to a small trampoline, but that’s a fair trade-off for durability.

Slam Dunk Basketball Hoop

Skywalker 15 foot Trampoline reviewThe Skywalker 15-foot trampoline comes with a basketball hoop made up of soft & play safe materials along with a foam basketball. Not something that the adults will look forward to, but the kids can channel their inner Lebron James. The enclosure ensures complete safety for the kids.

Patented Enclosure

Skywalker trampolines reviewThe unique patented enclosure of the Skywalker 15-foot trampoline eliminates gaps between the protection net and the jumping surface. There are no seams or pinches for kids to fall through, making it one of the safest products in the category for children.

Value For Money

You’ll find trampolines cheaper than this online, but none will have the features it has. And the other brands that can match its top of the line attributes are a wee bit expensive. So it provides the perfect middle ground for someone who is looking at a premium product at an affordable price.


The Skywalker trampoline comes with a 3-year warranty for the frame and a 1-year warranty for the other parts. Warranty of trampolines of most other brands is not more than a year. For other parts, brands offer a maximum of 6 months’ warranty.

Holds up in rough weather

Skywalker trampolines are known for their sturdiness. Will hold up even if you have rainy weather and high winds in your region. Although, we’d recommend to remove it in winter as the snow would weigh it down.


It’s a durable product with adequate features that makes it a good buy that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family. Get one and make your summer fun.

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