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Franke Kitchen Sink Review: Franke USA SL103BX Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Last Updated: Franke USA Kitchen Sink 2020 Review When it comes to buying a kitchen sink that offers exquisite craftsmanship and shows a modern style of elegant design without a compromise, Franke USA SL103BX stainless steel sink has no rival at the top spot.

Guys from Franke USA believe that a perfect kitchen sink should not only have good design and practical application, but it should be durable and affordable. These factors are carefully considered with every sink that is produced by this amazing brand.

Each detail is properly designed to make prepping and cleaning effortless. The material used for this Franke kitchen sink makes it durable and suitable for any temperature.

In this article, we will guide you through Franke USA SL103BX Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink top features. Read on to learn more about this classic elegant stainless steel kitchen sink, that provides adds an icing of beauty to your kitchen space.

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Franke USA SL103BX Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Review: Main Features to Consider

This Franke Kitchen Sink is designed with stainless steel of a high quality that withstands any temperature. This exquisite kitchenware comes with 3 holes deck for the faucet and also to make room for additional deck accessories.

It brings a big style to small space with its compact design. As a matter of fact, its ergonomic design maximizes space while providing a beautiful and durable workstation in your kitchen.

Franke Kitchen Sink SL103BX Features

Durable Stainless Steel Made

This sink is made with a durable material for timeless use. The Axis series is born from the Swiss design and manufactured with 20-gauge stainless steel to provide durability. With this, you can tell that this sleek kitchen sink is equal to the task of handling any temperature as well as being easy to clean.

Compact Design

Franke USA SL103BX sink is stylishly designed to utilize small kitchen space. The dual mount axis complements your kitchen, making it look more chick. There is no cause for alarm when it comes to Franke sinks.

Simple to Install

This kitchen sink can be installed as an undermount sink in minimum 24-inch cabinet size. There is the provision of template and hardware for safe and easy installation. It can be also installed as a topmount sink. Its interior dimensions are 18 left-to-right x 16 front-to-back, with a bowl depth of 10 (inches).


SL103BX comes with Franke sound deadening pads to prevent noise as much as possible from pots, utensils, and pans. There is no distraction from the sound of the sink when using it.

Incredible Lifetime Warranty

Franke tags this product with a limited lifetime warranty, which speaks volume about the high-class material used in the manufacture of the Franke SL103BX sink.

Final Verdict

Obviously, Franke stainless steel kitchen sink is durable, affordable, and suitable for even the smallest kitchen space. The compact design and exquisite craftsmanship will make your kitchen look beautiful.

Our unswerving confidence in the quality of this cute kitchenware awards a 94 out of 100 score to this amazing piece of brilliance.


  • High-quality stainless steel material
  • Sleek design
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • May be prone to scratches

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