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Kraus Kitchen Sink Review: Kraus KGD-433B Double Bowl Granite Kitchen Sink

Last Updated: Kraus KGD-433B Granite Kitchen Sink Review When it comes to premium kitchen wares, workstations, sinks and other kitchen fixtures, Kraus is a brand and manufacturer with a soft spot in the heart of many homeowners.

Wondering why? It’s simple! Kraus has remained at the top of the chart as a top-rated brand that is known and reliable for the production of high-quality and premium kitchen sink for the decades.

Being the creator of KHU100 undermount sink, which is a handy kitchen workstation, that gives many homeowners the convenience in preparing their meal, we can definitely say that Kraus is a brand that rings a bell.

In this review, we will focus to bring out the top features of another exclusive kitchen sink by Kraus – KGD-433B, a granite double bowl sink, so that you can easily identify this quality workstation when you are ready to purchase one.

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Kraus KGD-433B Double Bowl Granite Kitchen Sink Review: Top Features

The Kraus dual mount granite sink is a contemporary kitchen workstation that is built out a burning passion for style, quality and durability. The sleek design and build of the Kraus KGD-433B is made from the finest of granite material with a promise of a lifetime warranty.

With such a high-quality material used in the design, you can tell that it is purposely created to give you workstation that is easy to clean and maintain with its non-porous and non-fading build.

This deluxe Kraus sink comes with lots of premium features.

Dual Bowl Design

Kraus granite sink is designed to give you a seamless workstation with dual bowl with individual draining systems. The dual design of this sleek kitchen fixture also ensures that you have a wider workspace of about 33 inches to wash and clean all your kitchen wares.

Easy Drainage System

The gently sloped and well-polished bottom of the Kraus KGD-433B granite sink creates a seamless path for water to quickly run off the drain. This design makes it easy for your sink to drain quickly and remain dry always.

Premium Granite Composite Material

KGD-433B is made from 80% natural granite that gives you the true feel of real stone. The granite stone design gives you a kitchen sink that is non-porous, non-fading and a heat resistant workstation that can withstand up to 650 Fahrenheit with a lifetime warranty. See, no worries about replacing your kitchen sink anytime soon.

High-Quality Stainless Steel Bracket Strainer Assembly

To complement the ageless design of the Kraus granite sink is the premium stainless steel basket strainer, which is carefully assembled to prevent food debris and other kitchen waste from clogging your sink drainpipe.

Final Verdict

The sleek design which is a product of the deluxe granite material that is used in Kraus dual mount granite sink is an indication that the manufacturers have an eye for quality and style.

The mind-blowing lifetime warranty tagged on this premium kitchen sink is enough to convince us that this Kraus KGD-433B workstation is the best for your kitchen.


  • High-quality granite stone material
  • Heat, Stain and Shock Resistant
  • Dual bowl design
  • Wide washing workstation


  • Slightly pricey

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