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TORVA Kitchen Sink Review – Best Undermount Sink with Sound Dampening

Last Updated: TORVA Kitchen Sink Review Looking for Torva sink reviews? You’re in luck! So, what is sound dampening? This is the part of the sink that stops the clanging sound that some sinks have. The dampening pads offer a quieter experience when you’re working with your sink in the kitchen.

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TORVA Kitchen Sink Review: Great Features

This 14×18 undermount sink Torva offers is perfect for smaller spaces. What should you know about a Torva sink? Torva offers a stainless steel wet bar bowl that’s perfect for things like small studio apartments, RVs or for your entertainment area. This narrow sink is a space saver but gives you the convenience of having a handy place to work nearby when you want it. Let’s face it, sometimes you need something other than a standard size to fit in tight spaces. When it comes to a smaller kitchen sink, Torva has you covered.

Torva Kitchen Sink Pros and Cons

Overall, if you’re looking for a good value on a narrow sink, the Torva kitchen sink is a great choice. What you’ll love is that this smaller sink is deeper than most that are sold in this size. If you’re looking for a slim sink that fits in an RV, wet bar, or small apartment like a studio, the Torva works at a good price point.

The one thing to watch is that while it’s stainless steel it can scratch, and it’s recommended not to use products that might leave scratched behind from cleaning, like some scouring pads.


  • Stainless steel durability (premium 16-gauge thick)
  • Easy to keep clean
  • 9” deep (which is a bonus when it comes to smaller sinks)
  • Undermount style gives you a seamless look
  • Brushed finish
  • Sound dampening
  • Gentle slope for improved drainage
  • Deep basket strainer


  • Nice, but not premium finish at this price point
  • Not stain proof, only stain resistant
  • Not scratch proof, only resistant
  • Drain fitting made of plastic

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