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Houzer Kitchen Sink Review: A1722-7BS-1 Topmount Stainless Steel Sink

Last Updated: Houzer Kitchen Sink Review Are you looking for Houzer sink reviews? We’re glad you stopped by. The Houzer kitchen sink is a great choice when you’re looking for a stainless-steel sink. This particular model is a top mount version. When it comes to Houzer kitchen sink reviews, it’s easy to understand the drive to learn more. It’s a beauty and certainly worth checking out. But are there things about the sink that won’t work for you?

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Houzer Kitchen Sink Review: Notable Features

Let’s look closer at what the sink offers.

It can be hard to find exactly what you’re looking for when you need something narrower than a standard size. Whether you have a studio kitchen you’re remodeling, or a bar top, or are just tight on counter space, the Houzer kitchen sink A1722 has a nice width that gives you plenty of workable space, while still offering you the slimmer width that you need.

Houzer Kitchen Sink Pros and Cons

A standard sink measures 22×30, whereas the Houzer here is 17×22 which makes it a good space saver.

Another good use for this model is if you’re looking to add a new sink to an RV or something like a wet bar. This most likely won’t be your main sink unless you’re in a small space, but for a narrow sink, the value is excellent for a solid, sturdy product that gets plenty of good reviews. When it comes to the Houzer sink, it’s one you can depend on to do the job.


  • Stainless Steel durability (corrosion resistant)
  • Space saving size
  • Top mount means it’s easy to drop in for installation
  • Full sink measurement is 17”x22”
  • Bowl is 14”x15.75” and 6.5” deep
  • Satin finish for a nice luster
  • Offers undercoat protection
  • 2 faucet mounting holes
  • Silencer pad to stop clanging


  • Small size, if you thought this was a standard sink
  • Potential faucet wobble if you get the wrong faucet fit
  • Not heavy thick steel gage where faucet mounts

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