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Waste King Garbage Disposal Review: Waste King L-8000 1 Hp

Last Updated: Waste King Garbage Disposal Review: Waste King L-8000 1 HpAre you looking for perfect under sink garbage disposal that will effectively help you on your kitchen at a low cost? Waste King L-8000 garbage disposal is the perfect choice for you.

Waste King L-8000 has a high-speed motor of I Hp with 2800 rpm. There are sound insulation and a pre-installed power cord for easy installation. The energy-efficient permanent magnet and impellers take care of jamming.

It has a corrosion-free glass-filled nylon grind chamber and drains housing with stainless steel grinding components. There is removable splashguard that makes it fast and easy to clean and replace. These and other amazing features of Waste King garbage disposal keep your kitchen clean, hygienic, and healthy.

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Lets check Waste King L-8000 features

High-speed motor

Waste King L-8000 has 1 horsepower with 2800 revolutions per minute (rpm). This grinds all the scraps within a few seconds. There is no jamming due to the permanent magnet that gives high speed and provision of stainless steel impellers.

Fast and Easy plug-in and Mount System

Waste King comes with a pre-installed power cord that makes it easy to install. There is no need for a separate power cord or electrical wiring. There is EZ Mount twist-and-lock design that provides a fast and easy way to install or replace disposal from the kitchen sink. All the necessary hardware is provided for easy installation.

Durable Components

L-8000 has a corrosion-free polymer grind chamber with stainless steel grind component that is rust-free. The components have high strength that makes Waste king l-8000 durable. The splash guard, which is removable and replaceable, makes it easy to clean and retrieve dropped items.

Fast And Continuous

Once the switch is on, the garbage disposal continuously and quickly grinds food waste as it runs. The sink-mounted air switch will run until it is turned off. The 1 Hp motor grinds the food scraps with fast motion of 2800 revolution per minute. This reduces the time you spend on waste disposal.

Saves Space and Environment

Waste king garbage disposal is designed in a way that saves space and gives more storage under the sink. The grind up food waste reduces biodegradable waste that is sent to landfills. Besides, the speed of the powerful motor reduces electricity bills as a result of a shorter time used for grinding of food scraps.


Waste King l-8000 is a good garbage disposal that has a powerful 1horsepower motor with 2800 rpm. This easy to install device comes with a pre-installed cord that is easy and fast to use.

The components are durable because they are made from stainless steel. There is no jam during use. It is advisable to experience how homes keep the kitchen clean, healthy and free from waste as a result of l-8000.


  • Powerful 1hp motor
  • Removable Splashguard and stainless steel impellers
  • Impellers are insulated with Sound SHIELD design to reduce noise
  • The motor operates at 2800 revolution per minute (rpm)
  • The component does not rust or corrode
  • Grinding chamber is made of glass-filled nylon
  • EZ installation system
  • Pre-installed cord that aide installation without new electrical wiring
  • Easy and fast to clean after use


  • Warranty may not cover all parts
  • In rare case, there may be leaks due to cracking of inside ring

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