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InSinkErator VS. Waste King: Most Versed Brands

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A high quality garbage disposal is essential to ensuring that large chunks of food and particulates do not end up clogging your drains, and costing you money in removing them. Many modern kitchens come with garbage disposals preinstalled upon the initial build. However, for those who do not have a garbage disposal already built into their kitchen, finding the right one might be a bit of a hassle.

For the garbage disposal industry, there are two names that will usually come up in conversation as the ‘best’. That is InSinkErator, and Waste King. These two brands have by far the most experience in the field – the founder of InSinkErator even invented the garbage disposal. These two brands are very likely going to be your most recommended simply because they produce well trusted, time proven products that millions of homes and kitchens around the world use.

If you are in the market for a high quality, long lasting garbage disposal, you likely won’t go wrong with either option. However, both InSinkErator and Waste King come with their own set of pros and cons that will differentiate themselves from each other. So, for the sake of helping readers make the most informed decisions, here is a direct comparison of the two most respected brands in garbage disposals.

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InSinkErator Vs. Waste King

Before we take a deep dive look into the two brands, let’s go over briefly what makes these brands unique.


InSinkErator is the original garbage disposal, in a way. The founder of the company, John W. Hammes, developed the concept in 1927, and finally created a perfected working product in 1938. InSinkErator as a brand is quite literally the very first to ever do it. As such, they offer exceptionally high-quality garbage disposals–at a price.

Waste King

Waste King may not be the original, but they have been making high-quality products for over half a century. Their products are well known for their overall variety, and exceptional build quality. In addition, they are typically a bit cheaper than their competitors. Waste King has plenty of name recognition and experience to stand toe-to-toe with anyone in the market.

The Breakdown

Waste King

Whirlaway 291 reviewWaste King offers buyers an incredible amount of variety, and optionality when it comes to their products. From their standard Waste King line-up, to their secondary Whirlaway line-up, there are plenty of options to choose from for commercial as well as residential uses. The Whirlaway line-up alone has 6 different sizing options to choose from, which makes customizability for your own particular needs far easier.

Waste King disposals are also very budget friendly. Their most expensive model comes in at just around $120, for example they have the Waste King L-8000, a 1 HP EZ mount garbage disposal. They are generally able to offer these low-low prices simply because they don’t devote any extra functionality towards added ‘bells and whistles’. Waste King products are no-frills, straight to the chase, garbage disposals. This means that their products, no matter how big or small, generally fit within any home renovation and kitchen design budget. However, that isn’t to say that they are ‘cheap’. They simply focus on doing one thing, and one thing only–shredding waste for your sink.

Waste King disposals utilize permanent magnet motors that operate at very high speeds ranging from 2,600-2,800 RPM. This means that they very rarely jam, and will be able to tackle grinding and shredding virtually anything you throw at them within reason. However, one complaint that Waste King owners typically have is the noise levels when in operation. Waste King disposals can be a bit loud, as they don’t spend a whole lot of money in the ‘noise reduction’ department.

Taking all of this into consideration, the area where Waste King really shines is their warranty. Waste King touts the most expansive, and industry leading warranty in the garbage disposal market. Many of their top models come with up to 20 year warranty coverage, which is by far the most you will ever find. This means that despite the lack of additional features, you can at least rest assured that your disposal is covered for the better part of two decades.

Overall, Waste King Products are perfect for what they are designed to do. They are easy to install, simple to use, and very friendly on the wallet.

Waste King Pros & Cons


  • Very budget friendly.
  • Plenty of options for sizing and power.
  • Best warranty in the business.


  • Very loud.
  • Lack of additional functionality options.


InSinkErator is perhaps the most cutting edge, and high-profile option within the garbage disposal industry. They are typically considered more high-end, and as such will often come with a higher price tag. For example, their ‘budget’ line-up known as the Badger Series will typically range from $90-150. Their higher end models are within the range of $200-350 with their top end Evolution Series, with a high-end Evolution Excel 1HP home garbage disposal. This means that buyers can expect to pay a premium when they choose to go with InSinkErator. However, that premium price is not without premium features.

On the lower end with their Badger Series, for example Badger 5, the differences between InSinkErator and Waste King are very minimal. However, when considering the Evolution Series you are going to find a whole lot of bang for your buck. The Evolution Series machines come with their Multi Grind blade technology that comes equipped with galvanized steel components for their post processing cutting disc, additional supporting impellers, and exclusively designed ‘grind ring’. This means that InSinkErator Evolution Series disposals can get a finer grind with more speed than anything else on the market.

In addition to their ability to pulverize even large quantities of waste, InSinkErator Evolution Series machines are also extremely quiet. The primary reason for this is because they have invested in soundproofing insulation for their devices. This makes the machines more expensive, and quite a bit more bulky, but some see that as a worthy trade-off for the lack of noise.

One downside for the InSinkErator disposals is that they only come in two different sizing options–that is, the Badger Series and the Evolution Series. This means that buyers are sort of pigeon holed into choosing a budget disposal, or a very expensive high-end disposal; there is very little room for inbetween. Another drawback is in their warranty, as InSinkErator only offers a maximum of 7 years on their best warranty. However, that does come with their ‘We Come To You’ service that sends out a qualified technician for repairs during that time.

Overall, InSinkErator is a very high quality product that comes with a lot of additional features and bonus design functions that make them stand out. However, these additions do come with a price tag, and that price tag can be a turnoff for some. In the end , as far as sheer performance is concerned, InSinkErator cannot be beat.

InSinkErator Pros & Cons


  • Very powerful and high-tech.
  • Very quiet.
  • Extremely well made and designed.


  • Warranty is not the best.
  • Limited optionality.

Final Thoughts

So, now that all of that has been discussed… What is the final verdict? Well, when it comes to sheer performance and capability, it is hard to argue that InSinkEerator is the best in the business. Their Multi Grind technology and noise insulating technology is enough to make anyone a fan. However, with their limited optionality and hefty price tag, they are admittedly not for everyone.

Waste King disposals are extremely popular because they simply work, and they work very well. They are rough-and-tough garbage disposals that come backed by the best warranty in the business. In addition, they are a ton of options to choose from to suit your personal needs however you see fit. This makes them a great choice for anyone who wants a reliable product, and doesn’t fuss with how advanced the technology is.

When it comes to choosing between the two, you simply need to weigh your own needs and values. If you value near noiseless performance, and the ability to handle a heavy workload with flawless precision, then the InSinkErator is going to be worth the money. If you value simplicity and longevity over anything else, then Waste King is going to be for you.

Ultimately, both brands have a lot to offer their customers, and it’s hard to go wrong with either. It just boils down to what you value most as a buyer and user. In the end, you’re going to be on your way to grinding and destroying food waste in your kitchen day-in and day-out no matter what.

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